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Griff 04-27-2020 11:01 AM

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The past is prologue.

BigV 04-27-2020 12:18 PM

I've got five or six of them here, too. Half gallons and pints.

monster 04-27-2020 01:46 PM

There are deposits on those here too. We have a 10 deposit on all cans and bottles (except those used for products containing real fruit juice) and the big glass bottles from local dairies have bigger deposits in the $1-$2 region.

monster 04-27-2020 01:47 PM

Right now Michigan is still charging deposits but not accepting returns :( My garage is overflowing

xoxoxoBruce 04-27-2020 05:45 PM

I have to go to Wegmans tomorrow, I'll look and see if I've been missing them. :confused:

sexobon 04-27-2020 05:54 PM

The EU passed a resolution to phase out one time use plastics, like beverage bottles, over the next five years. They may be seeing a lot more glass. I haven't heard how that will go in the UK now under the circumstances.

xoxoxoBruce 04-27-2020 06:28 PM

Are they for refilling or recycling?

monster 04-27-2020 06:32 PM

I was weeding this evening and observed two people performing silly walks as they passed my house. One knew I was there, one didn't. Both were walking by themselves (but on the phone). I saw others read the signs and smile too :D

sexobon 04-27-2020 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 1051659)
Are they for refilling or recycling?

They want one time use items to be of materials that are easily recyclable. The goal is to keep plastics out of the oceans.

glatt 04-27-2020 06:34 PM


Griff 04-27-2020 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 1051659)
Are they for refilling or recycling?

These are for reuse but apparently something has gone wrong in the return chain.

xoxoxoBruce 04-28-2020 01:04 AM

A lot of farms are dumping milk because it's not moving. Maybe they have an over abundance of bottles on hand or the outfit that collects and washes them shut down. The store doesn't have room plus they get to hang on to the 2 bucks until the chain unkinks.

I quit buying milk because I was an irregular drinker. When I started eating cereal again I bought almond milk because it would love me long time. But now I'm going through a gallon a week I can buy either but have developed a preference for the almond milk. I feel like a traitor to my cow roots, pulling teats on a frosty morning keeping my forehead warm against her side.

monster 04-28-2020 02:02 AM

Our Governor banned returns on the ground that the virus could be on the containers. Stores here currently won't accept returns of any type, not just recyclable containers with deposits

xoxoxoBruce 04-28-2020 02:32 AM

Ah, so there is a method to the madness. Thank you.

Griff 04-28-2020 06:12 AM

Yeah, the system probably isn't as mechanized and sanitary as I imagined.

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