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infinite monkey 01-07-2017 05:03 PM

Arts and Entertainment, Crime Division
I'm watching The People v. OJ Simpson.

Interesting, remembering all the hoopla.

I don't know how much is real, the behind the scenes stuff, but the episode i just watched was about how horribly Marcia Clark was treated. Her appearance, her children, her ex, her getting asshole comments when she was buying tampons. Truly disgusting.

And all this time later, it still goes on. Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, these women in the public eye are subjected to some of the the most blatant sexist behavior that at this point in our lives should be unthinkable. But hey, Malinka or whatever her name is, she's beautiful and stands for nothing that i can see...she's great.

You've come a long way, baby. Or not.

Anyway, has anyone watched this show? Comments or thoughts?

Snakeadelic 01-08-2017 08:11 AM

Haven't been watching American Crime Story, since we did not find the OJ story particularly compelling until its hilariously timed post-script (getting sent to jail for armed robbery 13 years to the day or nearly so after his acquittal). We have, however, watched the same performers in every season of American Horror Story and have found some of them to be admirable actors. Hopefully the next case ACS tackles will be one we are familiar with and find more interesting. Maybe the Green River case...I still kinda shiver when I remember watching on Court TV, live, as Ridgeway put in his plea..."On the charge of murder in the first degree in the case of (insert victim name), how do you plead?"

"Guilty." Flat, emotionless, uninvolved. FORTY-EIGHT times if I recall. I spent my entire teen and young adult years in or near his hunting grounds, so maybe that's why I cared. I'd love to see ACS take on that nightmare.

footfootfoot 01-08-2017 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by infinite monkey (Post 978863)
Be beautiful and stand for nothing

These Two Secrets Will Make You Super A Successful Woman
Number Three Blew My Mind

Gravdigr 01-08-2017 04:16 PM

Did you just turn into a spam bot?

footfootfoot 01-08-2017 06:15 PM

It's a slippery slope...

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