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xoxoxoBruce 10-07-2019 11:49 PM

Don't run for office. :headshake

Gravdigr 10-08-2019 05:07 PM

Clodfobble 10-10-2019 08:37 PM

We're on vacation in NYC this week, and this evening we shared an elevator with a nice man taking his dog out for a walk. After he got off, I told Mr. Clod that the guy was Clinton Kelly, who I used to watch all the time on What Not To Wear. Mr. Clod adamantly disagreed, but I proved him wrong by googling the name of Clinton Kelly's dog. I win, motherfucker! :lol:

glatt 10-10-2019 09:21 PM

I'm on vacation too!!!!

Gravdigr 10-12-2019 11:26 AM

I need one.

Griff 10-23-2019 05:39 PM

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lumberjim 10-24-2019 11:01 AM

Kewl. What kind of wood ya got drying?

Gravdigr 10-24-2019 05:32 PM


Griff 10-24-2019 05:52 PM

I cut a lot of ash because the Emerald Ash Borer really did a number here. In the future I intend to cut a little cherry and maple for home use.

lumberjim 10-26-2019 11:31 AM

Let me know if you ever come up with flames in the maple or cherry. And be very careful with the new toy, of course.

monster 10-26-2019 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by Gravdigr (Post 1039817)
I need one.

An Eskimo?

sexobon 10-26-2019 06:33 PM

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fargon 10-26-2019 06:48 PM

i'm not sick anymore.

Gravdigr 10-26-2019 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by Gravdigr (Post 1039817)
I need one.


Originally Posted by monster (Post 1040427)
An Eskimo?


BigV 10-26-2019 07:59 PM

I'm cleaning the gutters and that makes me happy.

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