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Undertoad 05-07-2003 04:08 PM

5/7/2003: Microsoft iLoo

Oh, but it can't be! Oh, but it is.

This is the world's first portable chemical lavatory with internet access. It's an MSN UK project and is expected to be unveiled at music festivals there this summer.

(Now, this was a Slashdot story a few days ago, but I'm betting not many of you are following the site any longer.)

elSicomoro 05-07-2003 04:14 PM

Man, all the cool shit starts in the the pop-out-of-the-ground toilets.

doc 05-07-2003 04:16 PM

When and if these things ever see the light of day, I can see itl producing web sites devoted to mod'ing stolen parts.

xoxoxoBruce 05-07-2003 05:47 PM

OMG! And you think the lines are too long now!

The Mad Hatter 05-07-2003 06:38 PM

No story about toilets is complete without the <a href="">obligatory Onion reference</a>. ;)

SubSub 05-08-2003 01:32 AM

The first thing that popped into my head was "Does Apple know about this - is this some sort of rip on iLife?" The second was - "Talk about gross keyboards.":3eye:

Katkeeper 05-08-2003 06:09 AM

I have just one comment: eat more fiber...

Jacque Strapp 05-08-2003 11:46 AM

I guess this is the kind of stuff MS comes up with when they have no competitors to steal ideas from. On those unfortunate occasions when I'm forced to use a portable toilet, the LAST thing I want to do is spend MORE time inside of it!

Not to mention that the computer inside will be stolen within 10 minutes of the thing's first use. And do you really want to touch a keyboard that someone else *had in their naked lap* while they were dropping a deuce?

tjennings 05-08-2003 12:42 PM

At least it gives Microsoft the ability to help spread biological as well as computer viruses (and other assorted microbes). It's a bug and a feature.

geneticfreak 05-08-2003 02:13 PM

Seeing how these are supposed to be put in 'music festivals', I do not imagine these potties lasting very long.

argonaut 05-08-2003 06:38 PM

as usual, MS is copying Apple
The Apple iToilet came first!

wolf 05-09-2003 01:06 AM

Please oh please someone tell me that this is an internet hoax ...

juju 05-09-2003 01:12 AM

What can I say? It's a really, really stupid idea. This is even further compounded by the fact that they added an 'i' to the front of the name just to make it sound cool and hip. Whoever did that should have something bad happen to them.

doc 05-09-2003 10:34 AM

Ok, the official word from David Cole, an executive with MSN, is that this is a hoax and MSN had no plans for anything like this.

From: David Cole
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2003 12:49 PM
To: Executive Staff
Subject: MSN iLoo

No doubt many of you have seen the press about the MSN iLoo in the UK. The reports were about MSN UK doing internet terminals in portable toilets. This caught myself and others by surprise, and caused some embarrassment with friends, family, and customers since it's quite confusing on why we'd be doing such a thing.

The real story is that this is a case of British humor getting beyond their shores and taken the wrong way by Americans. There is no MSN iLoo project. It was started as an April fools joke that spread like wildfire around the globe. Apparently quite humorous in the UK and taken in the spirit intended. The fact it was picked up and taken as a non-joke in the rest of the world was unintentional.

Please continue your faith that the MSN team is making wise decisions about where to invest money and resources.


juju 05-09-2003 11:32 AM

Faith? Faith?? PHhhwawahahahahahahahah!!!

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