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Undertoad 09-17-2008 08:22 AM

Oh, you'd be close to Barking, which is the home of the Barking Toad, an endangered species.

Ibby 09-17-2008 08:55 AM

If I'm really careful...
and use chopsticks...
and maneuver it all the way to the back...


morethanpretty 09-17-2008 12:09 PM

I have a date!

Pie 09-17-2008 12:28 PM

I have an office. With a window. And a door. That I can shut.

HungLikeJesus 09-17-2008 12:41 PM

I have a bucket.

Pico and ME 09-17-2008 12:46 PM

YOU took it!

FStop 09-17-2008 03:50 PM

One of yinz out there download "Eye in the Sky" by The Alan Parsons Project.

What a wonderful song. The current tune that's making me kick back, relax, and attempt not to worry about anything. Been whipping up some tea (I got milk this time, SG) and putting this one on. This one, and you can't go wrong with Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier"...;)

Aliantha 09-17-2008 05:19 PM

This'll probably be really gross to most of you, but I just did a lovely big softish poo. After about 2 1/2 months of constipation, listening to tiny 'plink plinks' after ages of straining, it was better than winning $1000.

FStop 09-17-2008 05:25 PM

Ahahah! So now you get a fine and dainty "shewwwwwww" of a flow, eh?
Good for you. Feel a bit lighter, eh?

Aliantha 09-17-2008 05:26 PM

yeah...not so full of shit. ;)

Pico and ME 09-17-2008 06:13 PM

I had that problem for the 6 months I was on pain medicine (had two blown cervical discs).. You wont believe the measures I took to deal with it. So I totally understand your relief.

Sundae 09-18-2008 06:36 AM

Lots of reasons.
Got an email back from the son of the woman whose house I looked at.
She likes me, wants me to move in and her (younger) son also likes me and is really excited about my cat.


I am no longer homeless.

And in the supermarket today, getting snacks for a meeting this afternoon, a little boy turned round and saw me and tugged on his Mum's hand, "Mummy, Mummy! Look at her HAIR!" His Mum was horrribly embarrassed so I smiled at her and the boy hid shyly behing her. I smiled at him and said, "Hello, do you like my hair?" knowing even as I did that children are bound to answer honestly and it could be a negative. Instead he nodded solemnly. As I walked away he said, "She is so cool!"

So I'm a hit with the 4 year old males at least :)

Also, I've found a place that does child mentoring. No guarantee I'll get through the serious interview phase (2.5 hour interview!) but I've submitted my application form. Like egg donation. at least I know I've tried even if I'm not suitable.

limey 09-18-2008 01:57 PM

YAY SG!!!!!!!!!!! When do we all come round to PAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY at your new gaff?
And the other stuff is good too, but what's "child mentoring"?

Clodfobble 09-18-2008 02:00 PM

For the brief time that my hair was fuscia, I got the best reactions from kids. I'm so glad you have a new place to live, Sundae! And it sounds like this one will be much quieter and more suited to your lifestyle.

FStop 09-18-2008 03:59 PM

What's making me happy? I'm happy SG got digs now and things somewhat figured out. And she's happy. Which in turn makes me happy.

I'm also happy because I got out of working at 84, fiddled about with an under-the-table bullshit detailing job (that's a whole other story...perhaps drunken chat)...........and I finally got a 'real' job.

Training starts on Monday morning to be a sub-contractor for Comcast. Installing High-speed Internet and High-Def Cable & DVRs. My old job at 84 would pay $1200 a month. Now I'll be doing that in a week.

And while I'm at it, M.I.A's "Paper Planes" is the most ridiculous song ever.
Not really about anything else but shooting people, taking money, weed, and UPS trucks. But good lord is it infectious. I love it. What a beat. This is the kind of 'guilty pleasure' song that you only rock out to alone, and it sticks in your head for hours and hours.

But yeah. Comcast job. They're giving me an 08' Silverado, Nextel phone, tools, and gas card. Drive it home. :D

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