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Ibby 10-18-2007 08:24 PM

opening night of Once Upon A Mattress last night.

and we're going to be even better tonight.

DucksNuts 10-21-2007 07:17 PM

My boss is leaving for Japan for 10 days tomorrow.....wooo hooo!!!!

Its work and the phone reception will be shyte...even bigger wooo hoooo!!

BigV 10-22-2007 10:49 AM

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The sound of crickets chirping...

Highly recommended.

rkzenrage 10-22-2007 11:01 AM

The sound of chickenshit soup boiling...

Cicero 10-22-2007 11:02 AM

Parallel Universes. They exist!

Yes!!! Just awesome!

How liberating! That rocks!!!! Maybe this topic deserves a whole thread.

lookout123 10-22-2007 11:02 AM

BigV's positive contributions to the cellar: countless

Rage's : still waiting to start the count

See the problem with using BigV's method of dealing with this asshole is that Rage isn't looking for discussion, debate, or even any interaction. all he wants is to sit there and stew in his pathetic little quagmire of a life and puke up his bitterness onto the cellar. he honestly couldn't care less to interact with us because in his little world there is exactly zero chance that he is wrong about anything.

rkzenrage 10-22-2007 11:05 AM

Yours? A new height in stalking!
I'm proud of you!

R2D3 10-22-2007 11:05 AM

wut an assho

rkzenrage 10-22-2007 11:06 AM

A new sock stalker... how common.

R2D3 10-22-2007 11:07 AM

No, not you, the other guyz.

lookout123 10-22-2007 11:10 AM

well, then let's watch the quick turn around. Rage will be your best friend now. I can here it now... "i always loved that little star wars guy. we go way back. i remember in my modeling days, between screwing the hundreds of groupies that followed me around, i'd hang out with ol' R2 and..."

R2D3 10-22-2007 11:13 AM

ok thank you

Cicero 10-22-2007 03:14 PM

I was thinking of running a business again. Graphics design this time. Someone called my boss today that found one of the last things I designed for her and wants to hire me for their campaign. Talk about great timing...I've been thinking about it, and wasn't sure if the quality of my work was better than standard yet, and it's been confirmed. The work is good.

It's a go!!! Awesome!

My boss is taking a lot of the credit. But the news is still good. It's a sign. Har-de-har-har.

DanaC 10-22-2007 03:53 PM

Totally cool Cic!

Spexxvet 10-22-2007 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by BigV (Post 397988)
The sound of crickets chirping...

Highly recommended.

That makes me sad, V

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