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Gravdigr 01-28-2016 09:50 AM

Wonder if muscle cars are still outperforming other more common investment strategies?

Gravdigr 01-28-2016 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 952296)
I had a brand new Corvette.

In 1963 (I think) Popdigr bought a '62 Corvette from a used car lot. White, w/white scallop on the side, w/white interior, both tops, the nice hubcaps. Whoever had owned it had the local Chevy dealer put a big block with dual 4-barrel carbs and 4-speed in it. He said "It was a hoss." I bet it was.

He sold it in '65 for $2500.:thepain:

xoxoxoBruce 01-28-2016 10:06 AM

You should thank him, if he'd hung on to it you'd probably be dead. :thepain:

Gravdigr 01-28-2016 12:02 PM

I may never have been alive.

xoxoxoBruce 01-28-2016 02:07 PM

:lol: Tru dat.

glatt 01-29-2016 08:34 AM

What is this, I don't even

xoxoxoBruce 01-29-2016 10:38 AM

That's silly, the Romans didn't use aluminum. :haha:

xoxoxoBruce 01-29-2016 09:58 PM

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Crazy people.

xoxoxoBruce 02-01-2016 10:05 PM

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If you want to sell a product, any product, first you have to get their attention. That's all the more difficult in the noisy, fast-paced, world of motorcycle racing.
I think the training wheels tie it all together. ;)

Gravdigr 02-02-2016 09:59 AM

I like the "saddlebags".

fargon 02-02-2016 02:48 PM

I love Hello Kitty.

xoxoxoBruce 02-03-2016 10:05 AM

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Back in the dark ages of the motorcar, when there was less that 200 miles of paved road in the entire USA, tires were a major expense. They might last 1,000 miles on your Model-T if you were careful, but on your chauffeured phaeton, only 200 miles. Pneumatic tires had a long way to go, so springy wheels, of many stripes, came along.

BigV 02-03-2016 10:27 AM

Them are Rims.

xoB gets the truth in advertising award.

Pamela 02-03-2016 07:25 PM

Airless tires. They look funny, but I can see these becoming the new must-have car accessory.

xoxoxoBruce 02-03-2016 10:57 PM


In a variety of performance tests conducted at speeds up to 80 mph, Hankook said that its iFlex tires perform just as well as conventional tires.
80 mph.

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