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Elspode 10-28-2006 01:22 AM

What do you look like RFN!??
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Take a pic *Right Now*. Post it. Explain or not.

lumberjim 10-28-2006 01:31 AM

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we could generate infinity

Elspode 10-28-2006 01:36 AM

Its times like this when I need a phone number. I looked at this pic, saw you and the laptop with my pic on the screen, then reached for my camera, thinking "infinity".

Then I read your text.

zippyt 10-28-2006 02:11 AM

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Me RFN ,

Aliantha 10-28-2006 03:01 AM

lol...perving at tits.

zippyt 10-28-2006 03:08 AM

perving at tits.

No that is just A tit !!!
A periced tit !!!

Aliantha 10-28-2006 03:10 AM

I can't imagine having my nipple pierced. It would have to fucking hurt.

zippyt 10-28-2006 03:21 AM

Sorry in advance , ( WAY to much Blurbin and cole !!)
but i bet it would squirt milk sideways ( if you were nurseing a baby ) !!!

Aliantha 10-28-2006 03:24 AM reckon? I didn't think nipple piercings were supposed to affect a womans ability to breast feed.

DucksNuts 10-28-2006 03:32 AM

fuck off

imagine a baby trying to suck ya boobicas with a bar through it????

Aliantha 10-28-2006 03:34 AM

can't you take it out to feed the child?

zippyt 10-28-2006 03:50 AM

Well the baby HAS to teeth on SOMETHING !!!!

DucksNuts 10-28-2006 03:52 AM

LOL - I am hoping you knew that fuck off was not a nasty fuck off but a loveable fuck off...I need to brush up on my forum skills it would appear.

Anyways, I believe the nipple ring is like the tongue ring...once its out, its all over?

richlevy 10-28-2006 09:42 AM

Cellar Poll

How many boobs are there in ZippyT's picture.


2 :lol2:

If he had shot that pic with his head on the other side of the monitor and pierced his nose, how could we tell the difference?:D

marichiko 10-28-2006 11:32 AM

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I don't have a digital camera, so I did a self portrait.

PS There is one boob in Zip's picture. I have two but didn't include them since I'm rather modest that way.

glatt 10-28-2006 12:50 PM

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right now.

zippyt 10-28-2006 03:37 PM

LOL - I am hoping you knew that fuck off was not a nasty fuck off but a loveable fuck off..
Duckie - I used to be in the USMC , telling me to Fuck off is like laughing to me , No Prob !! Hell folks react weird when I call them BeeYotch in a friendly way , so again NO biggie !!! :)

footfootfoot 10-28-2006 11:37 PM

Glatt, you look like John Sayles in that picture.

Zippyt, fuck off ;)

glatt 10-29-2006 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by footfootfoot
Glatt, you look like John Sayles in that picture.

I had to Google him to see who you were talking about. He looks familiar, but I don't remember seeing any of his stuff. I hadn't shaved or showered when I shot that.

Undertoad 10-29-2006 09:02 AM

I'm not shavin or showerin for you people, and I'ma make a goofy face so it doesn't exactly look like me.

It's morning. I hate morning. Even morning after fall back daylight savings time.

Ibby 10-29-2006 09:11 AM

Dont say I didnt warn you, but you DID say RIGHT NOW...

Pie 10-29-2006 09:57 AM

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I'll probably regret this...

Undertoad 10-29-2006 10:42 AM

No regret. We all look normal, except we all look unhappy. Except for Zip!

richlevy 10-29-2006 12:48 PM

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Originally Posted by Pie
I'll probably regret this...

Why, because you might unwittingly start a dreaded Cellar meme?:eek: Is frowning optional?

xoxoxoBruce 10-29-2006 01:22 PM

Ooow, hot Pie. :yum:

Torrere 10-29-2006 01:46 PM

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Sunday afternoon

Trilby 10-29-2006 02:32 PM

This is SO COOL! The infinity thing is ehx-cellent.

Trilby 10-29-2006 02:33 PM

Why does Ibram look like he's only got one side of a shirt on?

Not that I'm complaining.

Ibby 10-29-2006 02:42 PM

I've got no shirt on at all, thats my cover. I'm laying in bed, that was right before I went to sleep.

richlevy 10-29-2006 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by Torrere
Sunday afternoon

Dr. Baltar, is that you?

Or maybe Dr. Bashir

wolf 10-29-2006 04:17 PM

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The light in the closet hallway burned out, so this is as good as it gets.

marichiko 10-29-2006 04:23 PM


Originally Posted by Ibram
I've got no shirt on at all, thats my cover. I'm laying in bed, that was right before I went to sleep.

Where's your push up bra?

zippyt 10-29-2006 04:28 PM

Where's your push up bra?

NOOOOOO !!!!!!!

lumberjim 10-29-2006 07:53 PM

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take a bite out of Pie

lumberjim 10-29-2006 07:57 PM

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lumberjim 10-29-2006 07:59 PM

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not unhappy:

lumberjim 10-29-2006 08:01 PM

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lumberjim 10-29-2006 08:03 PM

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Happy Monkey 10-29-2006 08:15 PM

Oops, skipped LJ. But I guess LJ skipped Torrere, so I snuck him back in...

jinx 10-29-2006 08:30 PM

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oh dear

zippyt 10-29-2006 09:00 PM


Pie 10-29-2006 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by lumberjim
take a bite out of Pie

:worried: I said I would probably regret this...

zippyt 10-29-2006 09:55 PM

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Me, Ollie and everybody else

Elspode 10-29-2006 10:28 PM

I start a thread about being drunk and getting stoned while my wife is out feeling her oats, and you think *this* is best thread I've ever started?


lumberjim 10-29-2006 10:30 PM

totally. but, then.....i'm all fucked up.

Elspode 10-29-2006 10:33 PM

Au contraire'...I think we may have just proved that you are actually more normal than I am. That scares me. A lot.

zippyt 10-29-2006 10:34 PM

Sorry HM but you look SOOOO stoned !!!

And Splode , you never know where something will go !!!

Aliantha 10-29-2006 10:38 PM

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Attachment 10185

zippyt 10-29-2006 10:45 PM

Now I know you folks drive on the WRONG side of the road , and tolets spin the WRONG way , but Key boards are reversed as well ???

lumberjim 10-29-2006 10:47 PM

your wedding band is on your right hand? the picture appears to be reversed. or did you use a mirror?? or is this some wierd southern hemisphere thing like the way toilet water drains?

lumberjim 10-29-2006 10:49 PM

how fucked are we, zippy? neither of us said anything about her being nearly topless!

Aliantha 10-29-2006 10:49 PM

That's not my wedding ring. And the picture is reversed because I took it with my phone which means I had to flip the picture...which gives the mirror effect. ;)

Aliantha 10-29-2006 10:51 PM

My hair looks pretty bad in that pic. The title of the thread did say RFN though.

Happy Monkey 10-29-2006 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by zippyt
Sorry HM but you look SOOOO stoned !!!

I always look like that... Maybe I should take up weed so I have an excuse...:fumette:

Elspode 10-29-2006 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by Aliantha
My hair looks pretty bad in that pic. The title of the thread did say RFN though.

RFN is critical. I think it helps us all get an accurate picture of who's on the other end.

Speaking of the other end...check out this awesome speed test site.
Nice interface, lots of servers to test with. Certainly is a big difference in my d/l speed between Minneapolis and KC as compared to, say, Auckland and KC. I'm getting 11 mbs (!) over the 350 mile hop to the Twin Cities. Did I mention that I think that Comcast finally fixed my shit?

zippyt 10-30-2006 12:02 AM

Don't change the subject !!!

Aliantha 10-30-2006 12:05 AM

Which subject?

rkzenrage 10-30-2006 01:00 AM

I wish I could go get my camera!

mrnoodle 10-30-2006 11:30 AM

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10:28 a.m. By the way, I found that it takes more than a day for nipple pics to make it from my phone to the computer, but only 5 seconds for normal pictures. Somebody's screening for porn.

Sundae 10-30-2006 12:18 PM

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Good Lord - don't think I've let even my nearest & dearest see such an unflattering pic of me. But at work and had to set it up using self-timer and precarious pile of files, so damned if I'm taking another one.

Hot face, no make-up, sweaty hair (been moving boxes) and all.

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