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Griff 11-07-2015 09:47 AM

lazy bastards :)

classicman 11-07-2015 10:12 AM

Good for you T! I'm liking all this good news I'm hearing from you lately. You deserve it :)

Undertoad 11-07-2015 10:30 AM

That is nice of you to say, sir you are and remain an officer and a gentleman.

lumberjim 11-08-2015 12:17 AM

Is there any chance we might get a video of any part of this show?

Is it over now? Will there be other gigs coming from this source?

Griff 11-08-2015 06:53 AM

That would be cool but I bet there is a rights issue.

sexobon 11-08-2015 08:52 AM

There's finally something in the works to help people sort through their old stored images:


US Army lab develops a way to read soldiers' brains

Military intelligence analysts spend a lot of time scrutinizing countless images from various sources, such as drones and surveillance systems. An automated program developed by cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Anthony Ries, however, can make the process a lot faster. Ries works for a US Army research facility called the "The MIND (Mission Impact Through Neurotechnology Design) Lab," which just began testing a program that can interpret brain waves. In simpler words: it can read human minds. During a recent test, he hooked up a soldier to an EEG connected to one of the lab's desktop computers and asked him to look at a series of images on screen flashing at a rate of one per second. Each image falls under one of five categories -- boats, pandas, strawberries, butterflies and chandeliers.

The computer revealed by the end of the experiment that the soldier chose to focus on images that fall under the boat category. How did it know? By taking note of the changes in the subject's brain waves. The soldier produced distinct brain wave patterns whenever he looked at something he deemed "relevant." ...

... For now, the scientist plans to continue improving the system and adding new features, including eye control. In fact, he already tested the capability at the same time by asking a soldier to play a simple video game on a separate computer. The subject was instructed to shoot a bubble at a cluster of other bubbles and to aim for the same color just by moving his eyeballs, which he successfully did.

[Ries explains:]

... One thing we have done is instead of having people view images at the center of the screen, we're leveraging eye-tracking to know whenever they fixate on a particular region of space. We can extract the neural signal, time-locked to that fixation, and look for a similar target response signal. Then you don't have to constrain the image to the center of the screen. Instead, you can present an image and the analyst can manually scan through it and whenever they fixate on an item of interest, that particular region can be flagged.

Undertoad 11-08-2015 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by lumberjim (Post 944771)
Is there any chance we might get a video of any part of this show?

Prohibited, correct call Griff.

Behind the scenes matter that all these community theater groups pay good money for the rights to put on these shows. Which in turn is why none of the actors or musicians get paid.


Is it over now? Will there be other gigs coming from this source?
Next weekend is the final weekend; two shows Friday one Saturday.

I've proven myself to be a very reliable musician to two music directors. The problem with me is that I don't read music. I prepare in advance and learn the entire show. I'm sure the director and music director of this show would bring me back instantly for any project, but I'm not a good candidate to show up and say, I would like to be your bass player for this run of "Hello Dolly". And I don't think I want to spend a few weeks learning all the music for "Hello Dolly".

However my guitarist is very involved in one of the theater groups, and knows which shows have been chosen for next season, and has basically informed me that I will be doing "Rent" in the Spring. It's a non-lame show so I will probably do it. The opportunities to make live music dry up as we get older.

limey 11-08-2015 12:34 PM

(Learning to read music is not so difficult ....)

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Undertoad 11-08-2015 01:04 PM

I would have to learn the fretboard too apparently

I understand the notes have letters... but they only use like 7 letters and I KNOW there are more notes than that

limey 11-08-2015 01:25 PM

Spend a week in our house, bring your guitar and we'll sort you out! X

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Undertoad 11-08-2015 04:32 PM

Best offer ever, plus you guys play instruments where you only play one note at a time, which is best.

limey 11-08-2015 04:38 PM

Sorted. See you soon!

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xoxoxoBruce 11-08-2015 05:08 PM

Ooh, "sorted" by Mr & Mrs Limey. Kinky.

monster 11-08-2015 08:06 PM

Even I can read music, it's not that hard, you can do it :)

fargon 11-09-2015 04:38 AM

If I can do it, anybody can.

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