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Aliantha 07-29-2008 08:59 PM

it did...funny man

Sundae 07-30-2008 04:53 AM

I found my camera!
Crikey that was making me mad last night. Trouble is, once I get annoyed I stop looking properly. It was under my bed.

And my ultimate boss really likes my hair. Have yet to hear the immediate boss's opinion - she's been in a meeting since I arrived.

Have been complimented on my eBay dress too.
I feel like a new woman.

Griff 07-30-2008 04:23 PM

We got a nice thank you note for the replacement chickens we took to the neighbors.:)

lookout123 07-30-2008 05:44 PM

Lil Lookout's compassion.

The rest of the story.

classicman 07-30-2008 09:00 PM

Lil Lookout's compassion. Srsly.

That kind of attitude is rare - it gives me hope for the next generation.

Sundae 07-31-2008 09:12 AM

I last saw Diz at about midnight last night.
Hely came and slept on my bed - when she was there this morning I realised Diz couldn't have been home all night (she wouldn't stay in the room if he was there).

I went and called at the front and back immediately, expected to see him. Then I expected him to have found his way in here (work). Still no Diz. I then checked the cellar. Nope.

Seriously worried at this point. Another missing Singa. Why had I ever let him out?

About 20 mins ago I was really suffering from the heat (it's horribly humid here today). I went into the yard to see if I could catch a breeze and of course called for Diz while I was there. He immediately gave his signature yowling response. I was relived but worried - he'd obviously got trapped somewhere - how badly was he hurt?

Nope. Out he trotted, shouting all the while.
He's fine. I have no idea why he stayed out, except that it really is very hot & humid and perhaps he just fancied a change???

HM should have come and called him in by now, but I'll pop out & check in a bit.
I'm keeping a close eye on him over the next few days.

So relieved.
Stupid cat.

Shawnee123 07-31-2008 09:50 AM

Sweet. So glad you found him...I can just picture him coming out, yowling. Cats crack me up.

Chocolatl 07-31-2008 10:13 AM

Glad to hear Diz turned up, SG.

I'm happy today because I am heading down to see my parents on Saturday. When I told my dad on the phone that I was coming down, he got really excited and then refused to keep talking to me, on the grounds that we'd have plenty of time to talk on the weekend. I told my mom via instant message, and her reply was "oh shit I'm so excited already I can't even type."
I had to frantically coordinate who I was going to see when (they are divorced, and seeing them both at once is usually out of the question) but I think it is going to be a good visit.

Sundae 07-31-2008 10:34 AM

I'm home for the weekend and really excited too!
Hope you have a wonderful time.

My Mum asked me what colour my hair would be at the weekend... I think she's worried someone will see her out with me :)

bbro 07-31-2008 11:44 AM

So excited - going to Austin to visit the bro, SIL, and nephew. Technically not till next week, but still excited. It's getting closer!!

binky 07-31-2008 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by Aliantha (Post 471064)
it's bloody freezing here. Although I suppose you lot wouldn't say 17 degrees celcius is freezing, but I hate it.

The rain is good though. Where we live now, we live on tank water alone. No town water, so every time we get rain is good as far as I'm concerned. :)

I wish it was warmer here.

I'll trade you Ali, supposed to be 107F here today

Aliantha 07-31-2008 04:26 PM

It got a lot colder than what I was complaining about on that day. It was even snowing in Queensland! That's the state I live in which is the big one on the north eastern side of Oz. It's not unheard of for it to snow here in one particular spot, but it's very rare. They didn't get much. Just enough to get the locals (and the rest of the country) very excited. My cousin sent me a mms with her kids running around in it. Very cute. Too farking cold for me though.

Roll on summer I say.

sweetwater 07-31-2008 05:51 PM

I'm happy my surgery is over and I can get vertical for brief stints. It's 101F out there now and since I am mostly housebound it's of no consequence. Otherwise I would feel the need to work in the yard. So good timing, me!

Clodfobble 07-31-2008 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by sweetwater
Otherwise I would feel the need to work in the yard.

In Texas, in the summer? Good lord...

The trick is, don't water it, and then you won't have a yard that requires work.

sweetwater 08-01-2008 05:01 AM


Originally Posted by Clodfobble (Post 472871)
In Texas, in the summer? Good lord...

The trick is, don't water it, and then you won't have a yard that requires work.

True, that! Some of the work is building a patio walk and a 'potty spotty' for the dog. Rocks! Gravel! Pavers! Hmm... how long until winter?

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