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SteveDallas 11-26-2008 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by lumberjim (Post 508547)
i was whining to John Dillenbeck (salesmanager) about losing my tie bar at the gym today....and told him that I had lost my other one in between the seat and console of an Altima coupe demo that i had. That car is still here in the front of the showroom. 1/2 hour later, John hands me my old tie bar. He had a skinny detailer go in after it. nice guy.

Damn, tie bar.... the first post, I was thinking a car part... "tie rod"...

I'm losing it.

Cicero 11-29-2008 02:52 PM

I got to wait on V a L K i l M e r and his kids!! This morning! He's hot. Yeppers. Sometimes being the coffee and burrito whench isn't so bad. ;)

I'm so tired, and it was about 7:30 in the morning. I couldn't tell whether I was still dreaming or not. *blink blink* *pinching myself*

He's getting big, but he's still hot. And definitely hotter in person. Rowr! Kitty cat! :)

ZenGum 11-29-2008 04:36 PM

Did he tip?

Griff 11-30-2008 07:44 AM

Lil' Pete had a huge foil bout against a "B" rated fencer yesterday to pick up the bronze at a women's tournament. She beat her 15-14 in overtime. Not bad for a kid.

LabRat 11-30-2008 12:59 PM

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I got the tree and decorations up yesterday, woke up to this today. Yeah!

Elspode 11-30-2008 01:30 PM

We got some of that, too. Not giving me the same jolly feeling you're getting out of it, though. But then, you run through freezing mud. :p

Cicero 11-30-2008 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by ZenGum (Post 509272)
Did he tip?

I got to wait on him again todaaaay!! :D Yea he did. Not much. No one tips here much. This place is pretty self serve.

That's making me happy again today. :) This job isn't so bad after all.


Chocolatl 11-30-2008 10:32 PM

FINALLY finished the enormous case study I've been working on all week. The final product is a 37 page beast with about 15 pages worth of original analysis. Yuck! I have another 15 pages to write tonight (and it's already almost midnight) but they are mostly reflection, so it should be easy going from here on out...

ZenGum 12-01-2008 12:37 AM

Two and a half hour mountain biking trip today in beautiful weather. Three big push-up hills, but lots of great interesting and fairly fast downhills, jumps, berms, all dirt tracks. We even found a very recently built track that is one of the best in the district.
I used the GPS in my phone as a trip log, but put it in my mad mate's backpack. We did almost 10 ks (I don't know the altitude variation) but the highest speed recorded was 124 kph!!!!! There is NO WAY that can be accurate, but even to get close to that he must have been zinging along. Because of the inaccuracy of the system, it sometimes registers a few kmh speed when stationary, but I've never seen error readings above 10kmh. How far off can a satellite GPS be, for speed?

Aliantha 12-01-2008 12:41 AM

Imagine the skin you'd lose if you stacked on a dirt track doing 124k's! That would hurt.

Mav had a big stack on his BMX on the weekend. He has quite a spectacular bruise on his thigh which is about the size of a sandwich plate.

ZenGum 12-01-2008 01:04 AM

This maniac (Eric Barone) was doing 170+ kph when he learned the importance of (a) not skimping on equipment and (b) doing your bloody helmet up properly.

Aliantha 12-01-2008 01:23 AM

What an idiot.

That vid made my stomach turn. Didn't they have first aid people on site? Surely they shouldn't have been moving him around so much?

God some people are stupid. lol

Trilby 12-01-2008 09:17 AM

It's December first and it's our first snowfall of the year.

sweetwater 12-01-2008 11:41 AM

I have already raked 4 large, crammed-full bags of leaves off part of the front lawn so far today. That means I have, at best guess, only about 8 more to go! It's hard work because there's so many, but grabbing armfuls of crackling yellow leaves in one's arms, getting a good sniff of delicious earth, and feeling like one is getting a Big Job Done while enjoying the sun, wind, and birdsong is quite nice.

DucksNuts 12-01-2008 07:29 PM


or Lust....

or revisited something...

I'm just happy :)

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