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SteveDallas 12-08-2008 05:19 PM

Mine would have, the first bank statement she got.

Treasenuak 12-09-2008 12:23 PM

$573 money order from the future ex for child support he failed to send a few months ago. And he sent it without me nagging him about it. YAY!!!

lookout123 12-10-2008 09:46 AM

Am I a soccer dork? yup. (although technically this isn't soccer, it is futsal) I got this in my email this morning and it put a smile on my face. Awesome freaking shot.

SteveDallas 12-10-2008 10:08 AM

Yeah, it was a great shot. I love how the keeper is just standing there looking at it.

Shawnee123 12-10-2008 10:12 AM

I'm confused. I thought the goal was to get it into the net, not hit that girl. And the girl is celebrating getting bonked? :3_eyes:

lookout123 12-10-2008 10:15 AM

So fast and unexpected that the keeper didn't even move. pretty sweet scissors kick.

Shawnee123 12-10-2008 10:20 AM

I think it would have hurt! :)

Thanks for the 'splanation.

Cicero 12-10-2008 10:46 AM

That was pretty awesome. But that doesn't mean you aren't a dork. :)

Shawnee123 12-11-2008 12:13 PM

1) I found my ball. I bought a new trackball mouse for home and was bringing my old one in here to work because I hate regular mice. I got it here 2 weeks ago and couldn't find the ball. I figured it had somehow rolled out into the street or something. This morning I saw it hiding by my computer tower. I love my mouse now!

2) 6 1/2 more working days then we are shut down for an entire week.

3) I tried the hummus on the salad bar and it's really good. Must bring pita bread tomorrow.

Pie 12-11-2008 12:46 PM

The walk-through of the house we're buying went well. Met the current owners; really cool people. The gentleman reminded me (almost painfully) of my father. They took really good care of the place and are eager to pass on all the details of its upkeep to us -- a very good sign! They're moving up to MA to be closer to their daughter and her kids.

Closing is tomorrow. Here comes the 8-million-signature hand cramp. :D

SteveDallas 12-11-2008 01:33 PM

Ohh good luck!

LabRat 12-11-2008 01:37 PM

Yeah!!! Have fun and good luck!

classicman 12-11-2008 03:38 PM

Congrats - no uh, wrist exercises tonight.

Aliantha 12-11-2008 03:44 PM

It's cool and rainy today.

Flint 12-11-2008 03:46 PM

That helps with the little furnace inside you, right?

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