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xoxoxoBruce 05-02-2017 07:50 AM

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Some people on another forum are predicting this will do wheelstands. I doubt it, I don't think there's enough weight on the rear wheels to get enough bite for that. :headshake

Gravdigr 05-02-2017 06:12 PM

Is that an S-10?:3_eyes:

Good job of hiding wiring, throttle cables, etc...Vurry clean install.

Gravdigr 05-03-2017 02:11 PM

Ho. Lee. Shit.

BigV 05-03-2017 05:12 PM


xoxoxoBruce 05-04-2017 03:48 PM

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Gravdigr 05-04-2017 04:15 PM

Mechanic: There seems to be a timing issue.

Owner: Burn it.

xoxoxoBruce 05-04-2017 04:24 PM

Notice all those plastic chain guides? Reminds me of LJ's motor with I think less than 50k and the mechanic told him they had about one good ride left. Replacing them in the Audi would cost more than LJ's bike is worth... after he fixed it up. have to pull the engine out.
You're right, burn it.

Gravdigr 05-04-2017 04:51 PM

I'm a-guessing that doesn't go in your average grocery getter.

xoxoxoBruce 05-04-2017 05:08 PM

You buy that you can't afford groceries. :rolleyes:
Unless you're rich enough so you don't fetch your own.

Gravdigr 05-05-2017 12:13 PM

A rerun, but worth it. Camaro gets beat by a Neon. Listen at the end, shocked Camaroguy says "I'm sellin' this fuckin' car.":lol2:

xoxoxoBruce 05-06-2017 12:52 PM

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Want a Hot Rod?

BigV 05-06-2017 01:28 PM

maaaan, he puts the LOW in lowrider

Gravdigr 05-06-2017 05:19 PM

I see it's a Flintstone-mobile...

Gravdigr 05-15-2017 06:35 PM

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One of yours, Bruce?

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xoxoxoBruce 05-15-2017 06:48 PM

Hell no, I'd have to carry a step ladder.

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