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xoxoxoBruce 10-16-2016 07:27 PM

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I bet Dr Josef Mengele was involved...

sexobon 10-16-2016 10:30 PM

Or Dr. Evil and successive generations of clones ...

Gravdigr 10-17-2016 03:14 PM

It's a V-Dub inception...

Gravdigr 10-17-2016 03:25 PM

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Oh, the humanity...

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Gravdigr 10-17-2016 03:51 PM

Just what, not why:

BigV 10-18-2016 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by Gravdigr (Post 971387)
Oh, the humanity...

Attachment 58213

I'll take it!

Gravdigr 10-19-2016 02:54 PM


xoxoxoBruce 10-24-2016 12:25 PM

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One of the guys on the SSR forum takes a lot of pictures at events and posts them, usually in collage form, but sometimes these phony magazine covers.

glatt 10-24-2016 04:10 PM

Look good!

BigV 10-25-2016 01:45 AM

the non divided headlights are a distinctive improvement

xoxoxoBruce 10-25-2016 09:41 AM

It has the added advantage of causing me to leave a little more distance in traffic and park with the front end protected. :lol2:

Gravdigr 11-03-2016 04:27 PM

***NSFW Language***
Oh, I love this guy:

Pamela 11-03-2016 06:00 PM

Amen brother! Say it like it is!

Gravdigr 11-04-2016 02:29 PM

Field Car No More: Ray Evernham [former NASCAR crew chief] Restored the 58 Chevy Impala from American Graffiti

glatt 11-04-2016 03:30 PM

That was fun. I fell down a rabbit hole of American Graffiti youtube clips

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