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monster 09-22-2016 04:08 PM

"Surgery" (UK) = "Office Hours" (USA). Usually only used by medics and politicians, but sometimes by academics (I suspect a tad tongue-in-cheekily). and I think also by people like counsellors (e.g. debt, employments, legal) who offer free advice to those needing help. Neither politicians nor Medical Doctors work in the same way in the two countries, so there really is no direct translation, but I believe this is closest.

Sundae 09-26-2016 07:43 AM

Thank you. I hadn't considered the connections - the Citizens Advice Bureau* have surgeries too, visiting libraries and other public places.

*ETA - a volunteer-led agency which help people with things like debt, simple legal advice and legal rights. Free of charge.

BigV 10-07-2016 09:58 PM


"I did try and f--- her," Trump tells Bush in reference to a married woman, while acknowledging he was unsuccessful. "I moved on her like a b---- but I couldn't get there," Trump says. Later in the video, as Trump and Bush spot Arianne Zucker — who The Post says was there to escort them to the set for the segment — the real estate mogul says: "I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her," adding that he immediately starts kissing "beautiful" women when he encounters them.
"I don't even wait." Trump says. "And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything — grab them by the p----."

In a statement shortly after the video's release, Trump dismisses its importance.
“This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago," the GOP presidential nominee says. "Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended.”
Really, dude?

The absurdity of *this* episode is that many (many) people will just consider this part of what they LIKE about Trump. How is this ok? Guys, hm? You've said worse, I have too. I'm ashamed now, and I wouldn't repeat that shit. I haven't and wouldn't say such things in front of my son. And my daughter? Fuck that shit--no fucking way. I KNOW there's no father here that would tolerate anything like this if it involved their daughter. How can it be OK for any other daughter?

Trump will never be President of this nation.

Dr. Zaius 10-08-2016 01:14 AM

Doesn't seem to have ruffled the religious right much.

I think after this election we can completely ignore and dismiss the evangelical vote and any moral pretenses they make. If we didn't know they were hypocrites before, their continued support of Trump despite his desire to be Crotch-Grabber-in-Chief has illustrated it with flying colors.

Griff 10-08-2016 08:32 AM

Jon Huntsman called for him to step aside.

glatt 10-08-2016 08:40 AM

I've maybe said worse when I was a youth. Don't really remember. I know I have heard worse, but I was with my adolescent buddies and not making small talk with a freaking stranger on a bus as an adult. If Trump will say this stuff as small talk on a bus with a stranger he is only briefly meeting for business, what does he say to his closest confidante?

I saw an article last week about at least three women who have accused him of rape over the years. The first two, including an ex-wife, dropped their complaints when he paid them hush money. But the third has a court case that is still going forward and there was a witness to that rape.

Safe to say the dude is not like you or I.

Clodfobble 10-08-2016 08:55 AM

You should really watch this video of Ana Navarro if you haven't seen it yet (the important bit is at the end):

tw 10-08-2016 10:50 AM

Scary part are the 40% of Americans so easily brainwashed as to love this guy. He can insult everyone like a school yard bully. And they love him. He can promote changes to the laws that only enrich the richest. They love him. He can insult women - and they love him. He can disparage based in race, ethnicity, immigrants, other allied nations, religion - even the handicapped. And they still love him. No wonder so many love the massacre of almost 5000 American troops in Iraq for no useful purpose. It says how many adults are still children. It demonstrates that brainwashing works. Trump could kill anyone in a stadium in front of 50,000 worshipers. And not be convicted. Because so many adults are that much children. Once they *know*, then Trump can say or do anything - and they love him. It is the definition of brainwashing.

George Wills recently rescinded his Republican party affiliation due to people who now dominate the party. Due to the lowest intelligent people who now openly demanded other Republicans support The Donald. George Wills is a lifelong and adamant Republican. He would periodically sponsor dinners attended by all major right wing Republicans. Because their hate and child-like ignorance is so dominant, even George Wills quit his party.

Republicans are doing today what Nazis did in late 1920s and early 1930s. Only more intelligent Republicans see this serious and dangerous problem. And have spoken out publicly.

Scary is how 40% are so easily brainwashed by The Donald's rhetoric. That (and not The Donald) is the scariest part.

Dr. Zaius 10-08-2016 11:31 AM

I just listened to NPR's Weekend Edition where they were interviewing Mr. Reed...He of the "Family Values" set...

While condemning Trump's remarks as both a Christian and a father, he then immediately defended Trump as the only candidate who would be anti-abortion, appoint conservative Supreme Court judges, and generally support those family values. You get the feeling they'd vote for the Prince of Darkness as long as he aped his support for Family Values well enough.

The cognitive dissonance is scary.

sexobon 10-08-2016 11:55 AM

The Donald - I Can Grab That

Can grab that
Can grab that
Can grab that (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)
Can grab that (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)

My-my-my-my libido makes me so hard makes me say oh my Lord
Thank you for blessing me with a name for fame and two right brains
It's good when you know your power
A horny rich-boy from the Tower
Oh your bod is fab
And that is a piece uh I can grab

I tell you pretty thing I can grab that
Yeah that's how we're livin' and you know I can grab that
Look in my eyes pretty thing I can grab that
You know let me touch those lovely curves I can grab that

Give them a kiss or a squeezin'
Making 'em want me that's what I'm giving 'em
Now they know when you talk about The Donald
You talk about a man who's hype and trite
Lovelies are struttin' I make passes all night
Or a grope to show 'em what it's gonna take
And now I'm gonna grin
The players either play hard
Or they might as well quit

That's the word because you know
Can grab that (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)
Can grab that (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)
Break it down
(Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh)
(Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh)
It's Donald time

Every time you see me The Donald's just so hype
I grope all around with magic fingers that they like
Now why would I ever stop doing this
With others makin' small talk they're just twits
I cop feels 'round the world from London to the bank
It's Donald go Donald
It's The Donald yo Donald come with me and play

Can grab that (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)
Can grab that (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)
Can grab that (oh-oh oh-oh-oh)
Yeah I can grab that
I told you I can grab that (oh-oh oh-oh-oh)
Too hyped gotta grab that
Get me in there I can grab that

BigV 10-08-2016 12:03 PM

I look forward to looking back at your lyrics, sexobon. I read through, and they're up to your usual high, wry standards. But I just can't laugh at this yet. Perhaps as gallows humor.

BigV 10-08-2016 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Griff (Post 970673)
Jon Huntsman called for him to step aside.

I like John Huntsman. He's got some company. Makes me think about the range of tolerance for bullshit slash distaste/hatred/abhorrence of Clinton.

Some people can take a LOT of shit; we all can, to some degree, but jeebus.

tw 10-08-2016 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by BigV (Post 970709)
Makes me think about the range of tolerance for bullshit slash distaste/hatred/abhorrence of Clinton.

Most people have spent their adult life hearing insults of "Hilary". We all know who preached that one word expression - Rush Limbaugh.

Brainwashing works. Over 60% of Americans knew smoking increases health. A classic example of brainwashing. Hearsay that exists for decades creates brainwashing. A majority of Americans will deny a subconscious belief hammered by Limbaugh propaganda. One need not ever listen to Limbaugh to be influenced by his propaganda. Because brainwashing works when repeated constantly for years.

Hold someone to facts about Hilary - they have none. They will recite a mantra. Because brainwashing (since 1990) works. Because a majority unfortunately make decisions from their emotions - not from facts.

Mantra: a repeated word, sound, or chant to facilitate a spiritual power and a transformation of consciousness. Also called brainwashing. It works on people who make conclusions based in their emotions.

Scary are many who still worship The Donald.

Trump is so scary and ignorant that even George Wills resigned from his party. Even John McCain rescinds his support. This week demonstrates who were recruited by Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Cheney, Ingraham, et al to the Republican party.

Scary is not Trump. Scary are Americans that are so easily manipulated. That should alarm so many Cellar dwellers in Australia, Europe, Canada, and elsewhere. I am surprised how many outside America have remained so silent. Trump supporters are that scary.

sexobon 10-08-2016 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by tw (Post 970711)
... Brainwashing works. Over 60% of Americans knew smoking increases health. A classic example of brainwashing. ...


Originally Posted by tw (Post 970680)
... Scary part are the 40% of Americans so easily brainwashed as to love this guy. ...

Hey, we're down to only 40% brainwashed! That's much better than the British who are at 52% (voted for Brexit). Only in AMERICA! What a great country with such promising people. No one else can pretend to know better than us.

You can put getting it down to 33-1/3 percent on your bucket list. Then we'll have a 2/3 majority who aren't brainwashed and can run the country any way they want right about the time you drop dead.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but ...

Rhianne 10-08-2016 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by sexobon (Post 970715)
Hey, we're down to only 40% brainwashed! That's much better than the British who are at 52% (voted for Brexit).

It doesn't matter, but 37.44% (17,410,742 of 46,501,241) of those eligible (not all of them British) voted for Brexit.

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