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infinite monkey 01-09-2012 12:57 PM

Thanks all. :)

Lola Bunny 01-09-2012 02:03 PM

Sundae: Not scary at all! It's a gorgeous piece of appliance. I think the coffee is strong enough with the right amount of crema. I've been reduced to instant coffee these past weeks, so this was absolute bliss. :D

Infinite Monkey: Wonderful news! Have a great lunch and dinner too!

limey 01-09-2012 02:52 PM

Yay, Infi! Hope you have a fabulous lunch!!

DanaC 01-09-2012 02:55 PM

Yey for Infi's breasts!

DanaC 01-09-2012 04:31 PM

I am feeling happy that I feel happy...or rather, I feel ok. Properly ok though, rather than just managing my way through the day. Which is nice.

Still have moments and the darkness is still hovering in the wings, but right now I feel quite light.

infinite monkey 01-09-2012 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by DanaC (Post 786361)
Yey for Infi's breasts!

Popped into my head:

Two tits four tits six tits a dollar
All for boobies stand up and holler!


Originally Posted by DanaC (Post 786379)
I am feeling happy that I feel happy...or rather, I feel ok. Properly ok though, rather than just managing my way through the day. Which is nice.

Still have moments and the darkness is still hovering in the wings, but right now I feel quite light.

I'm glad.

it 01-09-2012 10:27 PM

My first article got into a second editorial review. which means it is being considered for publication... which doesn't mean it will get accepted.

but if it will it will mark both:

1) the first good thing that happened to me after what has pretty much being the most miserable few months in my life so far.
2) the first time in my life getting paid for doing something i actually enjoy, a.k.a. not army-service/factory/farm/gas-station/kitchen/sales/management.

the rational part of my brain is telling me to not keep my hopes up, but i am having a very hard time not getting extremely excited and gidy... the overdose of caffiene might be a part of it.

DanaC 01-10-2012 05:05 AM

Regardless of what happens from this point on, you've already taken a big step. Being accepted into a second editorial review is huge.

Whether it goes through or not, this is a triumph.

If it doesn't go through ask them for ways to improve your output. There may be odd little things that they're looking for that you don't yet know about.

If it does go through time to celebrate .... but frankly, at this point even if it doesn't you should already be celebrating *smiles*

DucksNuts 01-10-2012 05:14 AM

DanaC 01-10-2012 05:15 AM

I got the Cesar Millan book 'How to Raise the Perfect Dog' on Kindle.

it 01-10-2012 06:25 AM

Thanks Dana :)

You right, that is worthy of celebrating.


Originally Posted by DucksNuts (Post 786450)

I'm Israeli, we get drafted.

ZenGum 01-10-2012 06:31 PM

She just wants pics of you in uniform.

DucksNuts 01-11-2012 04:01 AM

Hang aroung long enough,'ll find I get rather dewy over the armed forces.

it 01-11-2012 05:20 AM

so, hypothetically, let's say, if.... i behaved as un-army like as i could throughout my entire service, getting my tent buddies to sing with me led zeppling in boot camp to the trainers in the middle of marches, naming my gun after a chick i knew because it constantly kept breaking down on me just when it could have actually being useful, getting to know and using a medic that usually works in the army's human resource departments in the middle of the 2nd lebanon war to get me the hell away from the people who are trying to shoot me by getting an imagin.. completely real injury on my medical profile, only to fall into the HQ in the middle of one of the worst beurocatic scandel in IDF history and play drinking games throughout the night with my superior officer in the middle of a bunker because i can't fucking sleep with missiles striking everywhere & refusing to sign for officer training repeatedly because i'm only here since refusing a draft is a very long prision sentance why would i stay any longer and eventually getting to know a girl in reserve management and getting her to delete me from the list so i will never have to carry a gun unless there's a zombie apocalypse, and in the end of my service my unit gave me catch22 about a guy who runs away from WW2 as a joke about my military service which ended up being my all time favorite book... would that add to that wet spot?

because otherwise i'll just say i was an awesome soldier who survived the most badly handled war in his nation's history alongside a loyal Galil gun called Yonat, got injured in the line of duty, humbly refused officer training so he can bettter serve his country and aid in the recovery of the HQ in the middle of a missile crisis and finished his service with the highest of honors in obtaining classic literature from his superior officer as show of respect.... and i'll leave it at that.

Lamplighter 01-11-2012 08:30 AM

The Lake Oswego Review
Kara Hansen Murphey
Jan 10, 2012

Lake Oswego council switch derials streetcar project

City Councilor Bill Tierney calls for council to put project ‘on the shelf’<snip>
This means nothing to those outside the PDX Metro area,
but aside from a pun in the headline, it is a significant political event for us.
Umm....well, maybe for you a miniscule part of your US tax dollar
will be spent on some more appropriate project.

This City Councilor has shifted his vote, and so too the majority vote
of the Council, on a project that has divided the city for years.
It's one of those "re-development" projects where massive apartment complexes get built,
with huge tax write-off's for developers and city-street and utility "incentives" get added to the local tax roles.
At least the project has now been delayed into the future.

P.S. Urge your Congressman to vote against it if it comes up again in the future ! :rolleyes:

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