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monster 11-10-2015 08:11 PM

...and the thing is, I can read it but do bugger all about it.

Oh the places you'll go, Undertoad.....

Oh the places you'll go, There is Fun to be done
There are songs to be scored, a bass to be strummed
And the magical things you can do with those strings
Will make you the winning-est bassist for sings
Fame! You'll be famous as famous can be
With the whole wide world watching you win on TV


lumberjim 11-10-2015 08:48 PM

Very nice pome monsuess. Just change strummed to plucked

lumberjim 11-10-2015 08:49 PM

Oh wait. Then you'd have to change done to something that rhymes with plucked

lumberjim 11-10-2015 08:50 PM

Maybe thumbed instead of plucked

lumberjim 11-10-2015 08:55 PM

Can you link the venue ticket source again? I might could make the Friday show

monster 11-10-2015 09:21 PM

One car
Two car
Red car
Blue car.
Black car
Blue car
Old car
New car.
This one smells of dried up pish.
This one smells of rotting fish.
Say! What a lot
Of cars there are.
Yes. Some are red. And some are blue.
Some are old. And some are new.
Some are sad.
And some are glad.
And some are very, very bad.

Why are they
Sad and glad and bad?
I do not know.
Go ask Ip’s dad.
And some know him.
The fat one with
The chick who’s slim.
From there to here, from here to there,
Funny cars
Are everywhere.

Undertoad 11-10-2015 09:22 PM

However.... only midnight is left. A third sold now, I think it will wind up over half full? Maybe more now that the 8pm shows are sold, I don't know how these last weekends sell. It'll be enough to have fun.

If you decide to go, I would not suggest front row as it is really close to the actors. Of course there is some advantage to that in this show

xoxoxoBruce 11-10-2015 10:51 PM

And don't forget the toast. :haha:

Gravdigr 11-18-2015 01:10 PM

I don't know if it made me happy, per se, but it made me smile a little:

Gate A-4

DanaC 11-18-2015 01:29 PM

That was really moving.Thanks for posting, Grav.

xoxoxoBruce 11-18-2015 02:30 PM

:thumb: Excellent.

Sundae 11-20-2015 06:51 AM

Things is generally grim.
Otis is still ill (I have made a considered decision NOT to put him in for further treatment, which I question every day)
Auntie Joyce is dead.
I'm waiting for a call from Mum which may say Christmas is cancelled.
I've had no electricity for 24 hours.

The sun is shining.
I am going somewhere warm and safe with a shower on Sunday.
I have hope.
And my Doctor has still not contacted me re my last blood test (one which had to be redone) so there is no way there can be anything wrong, as it's been a week.

And I'm here in the warm and the light and feeling positive.
Which I know doesn't match my opening lines, but I really do.

Clodfobble 11-20-2015 08:04 AM

Good for you, Sundae. I'm usually a grump during the whole holiday season, but your outlook has helped cheer mine. We'll be smiley in the face of stress together. :)

xoxoxoBruce 11-20-2015 02:16 PM

Got a postcard today from Billy, came from Stockholm where he was playing tourist. :thumb:

glatt 11-20-2015 02:27 PM

Cool! Thanks for letting us know about him.

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