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monster 05-07-2015 11:21 PM

awesome, ms. fob :)

limey 05-08-2015 12:57 AM


Sent by thought transference

Griff 05-08-2015 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by glatt (Post 927871)
Will you sign my copy?

Meeee toooo!

footfootfoot 05-08-2015 07:24 PM

I remember her when she was only imaginary...

Don't forget us little people when you are famous!

glatt 05-08-2015 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by footfootfoot (Post 927966)
I remember her when she was only imaginary...!

You're a funny guy, you know that?

Sundae 05-09-2015 03:37 AM

I will buy a copy. And not just because I know you.

Hope all goes well for this project in the future, but now you know you can get this far then there's nothing you can't do. Although I expect you know that anyway - we did :)

Spexxvet 05-11-2015 10:02 AM

Congrats, Clod. Will you autograph my Kindle?

Clodfobble 05-11-2015 05:56 PM

I'll autograph yo face!


Griff 05-12-2015 06:54 AM


Clodfobble 05-13-2015 07:43 PM

Need suggestions plz...

So my agent (not tired of saying that yet) thinks that the title needs to be more accessible. There's this classic short essay called "Welcome to Holland" that every parent with a special needs kid is familiar with, and large parts of the book are tied into this metaphor of Holland vs. Italy, including the current title. But she thinks everyone outside that tight-knit community will be clueless as to the meaning and might genuinely mistake it for a travel memoir, and that even if I could talk her into it a publisher will definitely insist on changing it. I accept her expertise in this area, but so far we have not been able to come up with a new title that is suitably artsy-slash-intriguing but also refers accurately to the tone of the book. Because there are tons of sappy options out there like "Searching For..." and "Saving..." and crap like that, but it's not a sappy book, it's very much a defiant and funny and irreverent book, and I'd rather a stupid literal title like "How I Did This Thing" than some wistful acceptance bullshit.

As an example, one of my favorite suggestions so far was "Hysterically Impaired," which is actually a direct quote from the book, but it sounds a little too much like mockery without any context. Gotta ride that edge a little safer.

Any ideas?

glatt 05-13-2015 07:53 PM

I like the title of this thread. Says it all. But I'm no marketer.

Griff 05-13-2015 08:30 PM

Something like, Dogs Raising cats?

Clodfobble 05-13-2015 08:35 PM

Mass hysteria!

Lamplighter 05-13-2015 08:40 PM

Wishing upon a star and finding the aurora borealis

xoxoxoBruce 05-13-2015 09:00 PM

Moming the Spectrum... you know it don't come easy.

footfootfoot 05-13-2015 11:29 PM

My kid is a damn nutter/nutcase/

How not to stab your own eyes out

These three simple things will make your child's autism disappear -- but the medical profession doesn't want you to know them!

^ mucho clicks with that last one. I'll take .005 dollars per click as my fee.

Sundae 05-14-2015 03:02 AM

Sprite for Breakfast
(... and other things you miss, raising autistic children)

DanaC 05-14-2015 06:10 AM

The best title ever for such a book,imo, was 'The Reason I Jump'.

So - maybe think of a behaviour / quirk that says something about the way autism manifests in your kids.

Maybe 'Drawing with Crayons'

Or - Adventures in Autism: one family's extraordinary journey.

The Autism Trail (playing on the idea of a physical journey through difficult medical and educational territory)

Clinics and Coconut Flour

gvidas 05-14-2015 09:20 AM

+1 for "My Kid Is A Damn Nutter", catchy and provocative and you can spell out the details in the subtitle.

Spexxvet 05-14-2015 10:15 AM

The Autism spectrum - fighting to find the end of the rainbow

classicman 05-20-2015 05:11 PM

"My Kid Is A Damn Nutter" ...
totally gets my vote. It leave one inquisitive and wanting answers = WIN.
Anything with Autism is great if thats the ONLY group you want to reach.

classicman 05-20-2015 05:11 PM

Where do I preorder my signed copy? (serious)

monster 05-20-2015 09:06 PM

also voting for MKIADN

monster 05-20-2015 09:08 PM

Darn Tootin' it's Gluten

footfootfoot 05-20-2015 11:18 PM

There is no cheese in nutville
the mighty Casein has struck out.

Griff 05-21-2015 07:03 AM

in the style of f3

Mama Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Betel Nut

DanaC 05-21-2015 07:07 AM

MKIADN is a great title. And classic's right - autism in the main title will get people with a specific interest in autism but might not draw in others.

Clodfobble 05-21-2015 08:02 AM


The problem with that title is, most parents of children with autism are not known for having great senses of humor. They're touchy mama bears who are used to everyone misunderstanding and judging them, and if I'm saying my kid is a damn nutter, then I'm saying theirs is too. It might draw in others, but it will decidedly alienate most of the autism population. It's one thing to be funny in context in the book, but that title without context is the equivalent of "All Autistic Kids are Assholes: A Mother's Story."

Anyway, we went with a variation on the original. I don't want to put it here because I don't want this thread to be particularly google-able, but I'm confident you'll see it someday. Three publishers currently reading the manuscript. :thumbsup:

DanaC 05-21-2015 08:29 AM

Damn, that's exciting stuff!

Sundae 05-21-2015 08:32 AM

I forgot - I was going to post the title of an excellent book I read, written by parents of an autistic child.

"A Real Boy: How Autism Shattered Our Lives - and Made a Family from the Pieces "

A moot point now, and wouldn't have helped you anyway, as it's a very generic title.
Good book though. Made me laugh and loud and cry quite bitterly.

glatt 05-21-2015 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by Clodfobble (Post 929066)
I don't want to put it here because I don't want this thread to be particularly google-able


The last thing you need is to to have book readers come here and hound you, and then you would stop coming around, and we'd miss you.

classicman 05-21-2015 10:25 PM

yay! Good point Clod, I can relate - I still get a little extra touchy about TBI's ...

DanaC 05-22-2015 06:00 AM


Originally Posted by glatt (Post 929074)

The last thing you need is to to have book readers come here and hound you, and then you would stop coming around, and we'd have to send out a hit squad to get rid of them.

Clodfobble 06-02-2015 04:01 PM

From ScienceDaily:

Missing Link Found Between Brain and Immune System


In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist.

Kevin Lee, PhD, chairman of the UVA Department of Neuroscience, described his reaction to the discovery by Kipnis' lab: "The first time these guys showed me the basic result, I just said one sentence: 'They'll have to change the textbooks.' There has never been a lymphatic system for the central nervous system, and it was very clear from that first singular observation -- and they've done many studies since then to bolster the finding -- that it will fundamentally change the way people look at the central nervous system's relationship with the immune system."

The unexpected presence of the lymphatic vessels raises a tremendous number of questions that now need answers, both about the workings of the brain and the diseases that plague it. For example, take Alzheimer's disease. "In Alzheimer's, there are accumulations of big protein chunks in the brain," Kipnis said. "We think they may be accumulating in the brain because they're not being efficiently removed by these vessels." He noted that the vessels look different with age, so the role they play in aging is another avenue to explore. And there's an enormous array of other neurological diseases, from autism to multiple sclerosis, that must be reconsidered in light of the presence of something science insisted did not exist.

glatt 06-02-2015 04:06 PM

How is it possible that "they" missed these vessels before? Surely during the millions of surgeries and autopsies and imaging done over the centuries somebody would have noticed this lymphatic connection?

Gravdigr 06-02-2015 04:33 PM

Didn't 'they' recently find some 'new' bones, too?

Happy Monkey 06-04-2015 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by
As to how the brain's lymphatic vessels managed to escape notice all this time, Kipnis described them as "very well hidden" and noted that they follow a major blood vessel down into the sinuses, an area difficult to image. "It's so close to the blood vessel, you just miss it," he said. "If you don't know what you're after, you just miss it."

Clodfobble 06-05-2015 07:44 AM

In other news, I have a phone call with an interested publisher this morning...

Undertoad 06-05-2015 07:45 AM

Happening fast, real interest, go go gadget writer!

Clodfobble 06-18-2015 12:04 PM

I just realized I never mentioned this, but a couple months ago we got asked to be part of a documentary on autism recovery. They came and filmed at the house for two days, and got permission to shoot at the kids' school, and everything. The movie itself won't be ready until who-knows-when (it was two years between when the filmmaker first contacted me and when he actually got out here to film, so really, don't hold your breaths,) but along the way the guy is putting together little previews of each family that's been interviewed. He just sent me a link to our clip:

In other news... I officially have a book deal. :) To be released by Da Capo Press in the Spring of 2016.

DanaC 06-18-2015 12:59 PM

Wow, Clod. I don't know why, because I like the others here have shared in your trials and successes with your little ones, through your posts -but I felt really choked up watching that.

You guys are awesome. you must be so proud of your kids - they really are gorgeous.

And congrats on the book deal. I cannot think of a nicer person or one more deserving of success.

glatt 06-18-2015 01:40 PM

That's pretty cool! Nice to see you and Mr. Fobble.

We've read the progression over time and your descriptions, but to see the video before and after clips right next to each other is pretty impressive. And that stack of notebooks!

Undertoad 06-18-2015 01:54 PM

They ARE gorgeous and you guys ARE awesome. Well done.

xoxoxoBruce 06-18-2015 02:10 PM

I saw that, I saw the strawberries touching other stuff. :yesnod:

Clodfobble 06-18-2015 03:42 PM

Thanks, everyone. Your support has meant the world over the years. They will almost certainly send me on a book tour at some point, and I intend to visit as many Dwellar cities as I possibly can. I want a photo with every damn one of you!

Sundae 06-18-2015 05:06 PM

I just need to correct you on the last sentence in that clip, "It's beautiful and it's amazing."
Yes.... and no.

What you meant to say (about you and Mr Clod) is "We're beautiful and we're amazing."
Oh and throw the mini-fobs in there too of course, because they are. But because of you.

Thank you always for sharing.

Griff 06-19-2015 03:42 PM

That was wonderful Clod!

Clodfobble 06-19-2015 03:45 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Confession: I've watched our video probably a dozen times now, and for the first time in my life it's really hit me--I have the crazy eyes. My whole life people have described me as intense or otherwise over-the-top, which I've accepted but never really understood because the words coming out of my mouth never seemed that wild to me, but I get it now. It's my giant bug eyes.

It turns out I am the Overly Attached Girlfriend:

DanaC 06-19-2015 04:14 PM


You do not have crazy eyes - or indeed bug eyes, giant or otherwise.

xoxoxoBruce 06-19-2015 04:16 PM

They're expressive, yes... bug, no.

BigV 06-21-2015 10:20 PM

Clodfobble, Mr Fobble

I want you to know that *I* appreciate what you're doing as parents, more than you know, more than I can say. You set a great example of loving diligence and I really want you to know that your efforts *are worth it*.

You're the very picture of those who have had greatness thrust upon them. Good job Mom, Good job Dad.

Clodfobble 06-21-2015 10:57 PM

Aw, thanks man. We all do our best, y'know? At least everyone here does.

classicman 06-28-2015 11:25 PM

Looking forward to seeing/meeting you and your bug eyes... lol

Clodfobble 01-27-2016 12:02 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Oh hey by the way I have a book cover and you can pre-order it if you're into that kind of thing.

xoxoxoBruce 01-27-2016 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by classicman (Post 932179)
Looking forward to seeing/meeting you and your bug eyes... lol

I probably wouldn't notice, I'm used to people being bug-eyed when they interact with me. ;)


Originally Posted by Clodfobble (Post 952260)
Oh hey by the way I have a book cover and you can pre-order it if you're into that kind of thing.

WTF? How dare they use lower case for your name. A travesty, an injustice, this shall not stand!
How can I name drop, my imaginary(online) friend, famous writer lady from Texas, lower case. :smack:

fargon 01-27-2016 12:39 PM

I just pre-ordered, and I can't wait.

limey 01-27-2016 06:34 PM

Do Kindle pre-orders help?

Sent by thought transference

footfootfoot 01-27-2016 08:01 PM

That was a touching video. It's obvious that you and Mr. Fob are willing to go to the mat for your kids. It's also amazing to see and hear them in comparison to your description here:

I'm telling my local brick and mortar store to carry it. When you come for the book signing I'll give you a personal tour of the hinterlands.

infinite monkey 01-27-2016 11:33 PM


lumberjim 01-27-2016 11:41 PM

I admire your preservence. I admire you, actually.

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