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dar512 01-27-2009 05:19 PM

Feeling better today.

footfootfoot 01-27-2009 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by Shawnee123 (Post 527190)
We have a sleety thing going on now.

I think I have enough supplies. Let it snow. :)

Supplies has two Ps
and beer has two Es.


Shawnee123 01-27-2009 05:50 PM

I think not.

TheMercenary 01-27-2009 05:55 PM

Completely fogged in. Sherlock Holmes is out there somewhere chasing the Hound.

Aliantha 01-27-2009 07:29 PM

Iced Coffee...specifically the special iced coffee I make for myself.

Two teaspoons of instant coffee and two of raw sugar with a 1/4 cup of boiling water. Mix well then pour over two scoops of full cream icecream in a large glass. Top up with full cream jersey milk then top with wipped cream and dust with chocolate.

I've been having cravings for these the last few weeks. Thank goodness I'm able to resist most days or I'd be as big as a house. So far I've not gained any weight during this pregnancy, but I fear these cravings will take over and I'll put on the 10kg or so I normally would have all in the last couple of months!

Shawnee123 01-28-2009 05:04 AM

Snow Day 2.

Oh boy, it's like being back in elementary school. Get up, turn on the news (or the internet now) see your school is closed. Go back to bed.

monster 01-28-2009 07:11 AM

no snow day here. that's a good thing 'cause wednesday is my day -figure-skating class then lunch with my friends :D

...still had to shovel a couple of inches, though, and it's still coming down....pretty fast now, in fact.

sweetwater 01-28-2009 07:28 AM

Stopped to chat with a neighbor yesterday and she asked if I could take a donation to help save the local theater. Yes, I can do that!

dar512 01-28-2009 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by Shawnee123 (Post 527228)
I think not.

And then she disappeared.

Sundae 01-28-2009 09:18 AM

Am sat in the spare room on the 'puter.
New load of semi-dried washing on the airer.

Happy 1 - my Dad listened to my advice re not tumble-drying clothes. My Mum always listens to things like that, but Dad is a stubborn bugger. But in her absence he part-dried these and put them on the airer (we're talking saving electricity here - because it's their highest bill).
Happy 2 - the room smells of clean washing. This is very comforting.

DanaC 01-28-2009 09:26 AM

I started a new module today looking at memoirs and autobiographies. It's going to be interesting I think. I really like and admire the tutor. He did last year's course on early trade unionism, and I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Shawnee123 01-28-2009 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by dar512 (Post 527474)
And then she disappeared.


It's MAGIC. :p

DanaC 01-28-2009 11:02 AM

Ohmigod, Shawnee is the Cheshire Cat?

Shawnee123 01-28-2009 11:05 AM

I had a cat when I was young I named Cheshire.

I like this...I'm changing my usertitle. ;)

DucksNuts 01-28-2009 07:00 PM

My parents.....because I'm unemployed, they think I am I came home this morning to find *someone* had broken into my house and put food in my fridge. I only shopped yesterday, so its packed in there now.

Homegrown tomatoes on toast....yummmm.

Oh and, Im all set for the Tman to start school on Monday :) Uniform bought, and labelled, stationary collected from the newsagents and labelled.

I worry about him though, how will he know what to do at playtime? what if he forgets where to go to class? what if....what if???

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