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DanaC 03-03-2016 02:19 PM

I had the same feeling when I watched the trailer forthe new Ghostbusters film. It starts by telling us that thirty years ago a team of scientists saved New York

Thirty fucking years? Jesus, I am old.

xoxoxoBruce 03-03-2016 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by DanaC (Post 954733)
Thirty fucking years? Jesus, I am old.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Griff 03-04-2016 07:18 AM

I remember when that came out, huge reaction in the media. I wonder if it was any good? Bad bad music...

DanaC 03-05-2016 08:42 AM

I loved the original film. It was so funny. I pretty much fell in love with Bill Murray. It's hard to separate it out now from the huge brand it became, but it was a really well-made and funny film, with a cast of performers who were all right at the top of their game.

Gravdigr 03-10-2016 11:23 AM

Jonathan Goldsmith Ends His Epic Run as Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man In The World

Wiki link-->The Most Interesting Man In The World


The advertisements feature a bearded, debonair gentleman roughly in his 70s, portrayed by actor Jonathan Goldsmith,[5] with Frontline narrator Will Lyman conducting voiceovers. They also feature a montage (mostly in black and white) of daring exploits involving "the most interesting man" when he was younger.

The precise settings are never revealed, but he performs feats such as: freeing an angry bear from a painful-looking bear trap; shooting a pool trick shot before an Indian audience (by shooting the cue ball out of the mouth of a man lying on the pool table); catching a marlin while cavorting in a Hemingway-esque scene with a beautiful young woman; winning an arm-wrestling match in a South American setting; surfing the killer wave; and bench pressing two young East Asian women in a casino setting, each woman being seated in a chair. The voice-overs themselves are intended to be both humorous and outrageous, and include humorous undertones such as his giving his own father "the talk", experiencing an awkward moment just to know how it felt, and finding the Fountain of Youth but not drinking from it "because he wasn't thirsty". Other feats are more centered on his physical abilities and personality. These include his small talk changing foreign policies, parallel-parking a train, and being able to slam a revolving door.

footfootfoot 03-14-2016 11:29 PM

Back in early January I applied for a FT job in a kitchen as a cook. (One of my many talents) The initial interview went well, I got a call back a few weeks later and they asked if I would come in for a day and cook as a sort of paid audition, if you will. Things seemed to go well and they said they'd call in a few days, they needed to figure things out with other employees, yada. yada. A week or twp goes by and I figure I will call as I have other irons in the fire. "Thanks for the call, could you come in again for another try out?"

I do, and again things went well; they seemed very positive and so forth, if a lot disorganized. I also noted that they still had their help wanted sign up, but figured restaurants always need help.

They said they'd call in a few days after they figured stuff out. A couple of weeks goes by and no word, meanwhile I need to make a move one way or another, it's been almost 8 weeks since my initial meeting so I give them a call and ask what's up?

They tell me they had some front end people leave suddenly and they need to find replacements for them so they aren't hiring a cook. WTF? Strung along for weeks and then get that weird answer. I happened to drive by the place today and noticed the hlp wanted sign was down.

Just as well that I'm not working there, but WTF? Annoying.

Griff 03-15-2016 06:24 AM

It seems like you were a pawn in a different game. Sorry man, but maybe lucky not to work there.

glatt 03-15-2016 08:11 AM

We've done that to people before. Back in the day, when we used to hire people, we would sometimes interview people for positions we needed to fill, and we honestly wanted to hire those people, but then some event would happen and that would eliminate the need for that particular position and maybe a different position would be open instead. (For example, hiring an entry level person instead of a person with experience, or vice versa.)

Normally you let the candidates know right away, but if there was some uncertainty about what the situation was, and we needed to keep our options open until that uncertainty became clear again, we would have to stall a little.

Elspode 03-15-2016 05:42 PM

I attempted to get the bike out of the driveway yesterday by passing too near my wife's car and over a pile of leaf debris. It didn't work, bike got stuck, then wanted to fall over. Bike is very heavy, so I began screaming for help

Roommate and wife come to the rescue. My car keys are required so that my vehicle and wife's can be moved to free the now pretty much fallen over, and laying on the camper tongue, bike. After frantic searching on the part of wife, keys are found to be in my pocket for some unknown reason.

Meanwhile, a herd of dogs has gotten out the front door and are now milling about smartly while roommate and wife are trying to move cars. Then, for some reason, cars run into one another, further wedging bike against wife's car. The Screaming was due to (1) discomfort (I'm still trying to keep the bike from falling completely over and it weighs 660#), (2) frustration, and (3) because all of us are varying degrees of hard of hearing these days, and I wanted to avoid increasing the frustration level by having to say the same things multiple times.

Finally, cars are moved without running over any dogs, the neighbor, having heard the commotion, arrived to help get the bike back upright while other neighbor is carrying our escape artist dog back to us from down the street (this has become so common that she knows the dog's name).

Summary: No real damage done to any of the vehicles, and I'm an idiot.

lumberjim 03-15-2016 06:58 PM


Elspode 03-15-2016 07:01 PM

I did something stupid, made a lot of noise about it, inconvenienced others, and now I feel shame.

Aliantha 03-15-2016 07:08 PM

haha...that's a funny story Els. I can just see it in my mind and it's making me smile. haha Thanks.

xoxoxoBruce 03-15-2016 07:54 PM

It's a good illustration how bad choices compound, because we can all relate. :o

glatt 03-15-2016 08:26 PM

And you have helpful neighbors, so that's good.

Clodfobble 03-16-2016 08:16 AM

Els, do you have a hearing aid? My uncle's a musician and he regretted not getting his sooner. He hadn't realized what a huge difference had crept in over the years.

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