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Sundae 11-22-2008 05:50 PM

I found out today I'm finally getting to meet the daughter of one of my oldest friends at Christmas. Last time I saw her she was a very big bump in her Mummy's tummy (not literally, she was in the womb). And Mummy - bless her - was quite happy to drive, so my wastrel friend and I could get drunk together. Well she was 8.5 months pregnant, but it was sweet of her to offer all the same.

So A is almost 3 and this is the first chance I've had to see her in this time, although I've had lots of photos. He's home for Christmas, and regardless what happens I will be here too. In sadder news, I found out his brother's wife died this year. His brother is now a 32 year old widower with 3 children under 12. That's horrendous. I'll tell my Mum and she'll pray for them, it's the best I can do.

In other slightly sad news, I never really let my hopes of coming over to America die. But while travel-dreaming this evening I found out American hotels were really not as cheap as I had anticipated, knocking the possibility further out of the ballpark. Of course they're designed for couples at a minimum, and mostly for families. $100 a night between four AND all getting breakfast is an amazing deal. Not so hot for a singleton. Prejudice! Maybe I'll just head for the nearest bar where a fat arse and an English accent will impress, and get someone to take me home for the night. Fat chicks get laid more often, I read that somewhere really trustworthy.

Mum & Dad back tomorrow. Quick whisk round with a hoover, mop, cloth, duster, etc etc. It's fine as it is, but I want to make a really good impression. It's time for The Talk.

monster 11-22-2008 06:01 PM

1) you could get together with the widower

2) motels are nicer than they sound and way cheaper than $100/night. where in the hell are you looking for $100/night hotels, anyway? Central Manhattan? I can almost get a night in a hotel with a waterpark for a family of 5 for that right now.....

Sundae 11-22-2008 06:17 PM

1) Nuh-uh!

2) I was looking in Philadelphia. And that's the point - a family of five can stay in them, but it's no cheaper for a single person to occupy the room. Oh and American's mean something very different by Bed & Breakfast (usually the cheapest of all options in the UK apart from hostelling).

monster 11-22-2008 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Sundae Girl (Post 506937)
1) Nuh-uh!

2) I was looking in Philadelphia. And that's the point - a family of five can stay in them, but it's no cheaper for a single person to occupy the room. Oh and American's mean something very different by Bed & Breakfast (usually the cheapest of all options in the UK apart from hostelling).

yes, b&B is posh.

cheapest deals are mostly to be had on the spot, not by prebooking. for $50 i can get a nice basic motel room pretty much any where except center of major cities (but right next to commuter lines into major cities). For $30 I can get a dodgy basic motel room. for a family of 5 or just for 1. I've never paid $100 for a room, except when we went to the waterpark hotel. Where the waterpark was included.

Sundae 11-22-2008 06:28 PM

Sigh. Well if I stay at the airport hotel I can average about $50 a night. Which is cheap of course. Just seems a rip off that a whole bed is going spare AND I could include up to another 2 people for only $20.

It's only dreaming still, but I like to occupy my time this way :)

monster 11-22-2008 06:31 PM

I'm seeing $50 on expedia for philly hotels, and you usually get them for less if you just turn up -except on holidays.

monster 11-22-2008 06:32 PM

then invite a homeless person to share it with you :)

Cicero 11-22-2008 06:54 PM

;) Barely Homeless count?

Chocolatl 11-24-2008 10:47 PM

This semester, I've been interning at a high school for two periods a day, once a week. Today was my last day there. Despite our limited time together, the students gave me hugs and "We'll miss you!"s as I bade them goodbye. Many of them expressed the hope that I'd be back teaching at their high school, soon, or that at the very least I'd come to visit. My host teacher e-mailed me tonight to tell me that he thought I did very well, that the students asked about me on days that I wasn't there, and that he thought I should be very proud of myself.
I am! Earning the respect and affection of a bunch of 10th graders is probably one of the highlights of my year.

classicman 11-24-2008 10:52 PM

Being the "hot" teachers aid probably didn't hurt either.:cool:

monster 11-24-2008 11:29 PM

A lot of people in different parts of my volunteer world spontaneously thanked me for what i do today. not just thanked me, but took the time to specify what they like about what i do. aaaaw.

And I got a marquis-style sandwich board to play with at the kids' school :D Maybe i'll put "Teh Cellar" on it and post a pic. maybe :lol:

sweetwater 11-25-2008 09:27 AM

Today is mr. sweetwater's birthday - time to go bake a cake!

Treasenuak 11-25-2008 09:34 AM

Happy Birthday, Mr. Sweetwater!!

DanaC 11-25-2008 09:49 AM

Happy Birfday Mr S !

Well done Chocolatl, that's brilliant. You sound like a natural. Though you can instill knowledge and train in technique, a good teacher is born not made.

@ Monster: nice:)

Sundae 11-26-2008 05:46 AM

Diz is fine.
Back from the vet.
"A touch of" conjunctivitis, no temperature or breathing problems.

Although he does have a heart murmer, according to this vet.
"Has he seen a vet before?" he asked.
Three and a half year old pedigree cat - what do you think?
He said that perhaps it was just due to stress (WHAT?) but to keep an eye on it (HOW?)
I said, "I know a couple of people who've been diagnosed with a health murmer recently."
"No, people."

Anyway I am happy Diz is fine.
But kicking myself for rushing him in.
And feel fleeced - he's been given a course of antibiotics for a viral infection, "To make sure he doesn't pick anything else up in the mean time."
Funny, that's what GPs fight against doing. Antibiotics are not sweeties to be given out willy nilly.

Okay, it's actually spending 80.17 in under 10 minutes that I'm grumpy about. Grrrrrrrrr. Eighty pounds!!!!!!

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