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glatt 03-31-2015 07:27 AM

I love the way it looks, but it sure doesn't look comfortable.

BigV 03-31-2015 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 924843)
Yee Haa


forget the cowbell, that needs more wheelie bar, and lots of it, stat!

Gravdigr 03-31-2015 03:19 PM

Is that an inline twelve (!), or a V-24?

fargon 03-31-2015 04:20 PM

I want that couch.

fargon 04-01-2015 12:54 PM

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glatt 04-01-2015 01:15 PM

The bright red plastic ear muffs kind of take away from all the detail that went into the rest of it. If the point is hearing protection, I bet earplugs would offer enough protection. And if those are for communication, they could have gone with something like these retro WWII style headsets.

Sure, red plastic ear muffs are very practical, and I'm a sucker for practical, but nothing else in that picture is practical, so they seem out of place.

Looks like fun though.

Gravdigr 04-01-2015 02:26 PM

Now, what's impractical about a spare tire-mounted rear view mirror?:eyebrow:

Gravdigr 04-01-2015 02:53 PM

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This has me drooling. Practically.

Attachment 50862

Attachment 50863

Rendering of what an El Camino, built on GM's new frame, shared with the newest Camaro, CTS, etc., might look like...

xoxoxoBruce 04-01-2015 04:31 PM

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Originally Posted by fargon (Post 924921)
I want that couch.

That's a bench, this is a couch. :haha:

Lamplighter 04-01-2015 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 924997)
That's a bench, this is a couch. :haha:

... a tuck and roll couch ...

fargon 04-01-2015 06:59 PM

Okay then, I want the bench and the couch.

xoxoxoBruce 04-02-2015 11:26 AM

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Then you'll want a love seat to go with them. ;)

Gravdigr 04-02-2015 04:27 PM

Very cool couch/love seat.

glatt 04-02-2015 04:54 PM

It even looks comfortable!

Gravdigr 04-04-2015 02:56 PM

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Attachment 50958

...and Europe?!

xoxoxoBruce 04-04-2015 04:47 PM

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Wonder what year that was, because in 1930, after having this picture taken with Vice-President Curtis, this thing got the driver arrested.

The Washington Post -- May 17, 1930
Albert E. Lentz, of 501 Twelfth street northwest, will be tried in Police Court next Thursday on charges of using a motor vehicle for advertising purposes and of driving an automobile with view obstructed.
The latter charge was placed against the man after traffic officials had inspected the vehicle, a locomotive on an automobile chassis, at the Traffic Bureau. The vehicle, which is used to advertise the Norfolk & Western Railway and the Grand Caverns of the Shenandoah Valley, was driven to the Police Court Building and was inspected by Judge Isaac R. Hitt before the case was continued.
Lentz was arrested yesterday morning on Madison Place Northwest by Sergt. Milton D. Smith and Policeman J.R. LeFoe, both of the Traffic Bureau.

Gravdigr 04-05-2015 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 925288)
Wonder what year that was...


This well know trackless train was built by Harry O. Magee of the H. O. McGee Manufac-turing Co. of Indianapolis, Indiana in 1924. It was first built to promote a new auto painting company (called Lykglas) that had some 250 outlets. McGee built some sixteen trains of varying designs all of which were powered by gasoline engines. The “steam” was provided by a system that dripped oil onto the exhaust manifold which along with some clever additional engineering, cut the smoke into individual puffs by using revolving blades located in the smokestack...

...In 1925 he sold the locomotive pictured here to Metro Goldwyn, who used it to promote their motion pictures, first on a trip around the U. S. and Canada. Afterwards it was then shipped to Europe and it also visited Great Britain, the tour then went on to include South America and Australia.
From TheOldMotor

Gravdigr 04-05-2015 02:14 PM

Arrested for an equipment violation...Man, they were strict.

xoxoxoBruce 04-05-2015 03:48 PM

I can see them being unhappy with the visibility issue but he was originally busted for using an automobile for advertising, and that blows my mind. :shock:

xoxoxoBruce 04-06-2015 09:59 PM

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glatt 04-07-2015 08:15 AM

I love it! What a beautifully ridiculous feat of engineering. I want to see it in action. With dual wheels on each corner, does that mean it's all wheel drive? Or is it just for the weight? I'd expect the weak link in propulsion would be the connection between rubber and road. With that much power "under" the hood.

BigV 04-07-2015 09:43 AM

I've heard those Allisons in person. They've been used, in the past for racing and now for vintage, "Thunderboats". I don't think I've ever heard anything louder. The thunder from a nearby lightning strike maybe (probably where the name came from, durrr), but that's just for an instant. These boats were continuously loud, really fucking dangerously harmfully loud. Pure awesome.

xoxoxoBruce 04-08-2015 10:29 PM

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Speaking of big engines...

xoxoxoBruce 04-09-2015 11:20 PM

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Here a couch, there a couch, everywhere a car couch.

Gravdigr 04-10-2015 01:02 PM

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Attachment 51118

glatt 04-10-2015 01:32 PM

I want to see what the price tag was for that repair.

Gravdigr 04-10-2015 01:33 PM

<15,000 miles, I'm thinking hoping warranty work.

xoxoxoBruce 04-10-2015 02:14 PM

Warranty wouldn't cover something clearly the customer's fault.

BigV 04-10-2015 04:58 PM


50 thousand dollar car defeated by a five dollar toy.


xoxoxoBruce 04-11-2015 12:55 AM

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xoxoxoBruce 04-11-2015 12:24 PM

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It appears Corbin, which is famous for motorcycle seats, has a whole line of couches, recliners and bar stools.

Gravdigr 04-11-2015 04:58 PM

I priced a Corbin seat waaay back for a Suzuki I had.

I almost shit. They're a tad pricey, I'm afraid to see what a couch from them costs.

Gravdigr 04-11-2015 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by Gravdigr (Post 925799)
I'm afraid to see what a couch from them costs.

$$$God damn.$$$

xoxoxoBruce 04-20-2015 09:14 PM

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1930 repro Bentley.

glatt 04-21-2015 08:30 AM

I don't care so much for the chopped top look, I prefer the more regal upright original, but the rest looks great.

Gravdigr 04-21-2015 03:37 PM

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Attachment 51209

May not have sold. I may not know how to look it up. It's listed in the lots for auction, but, isn't listed in the results of that auction.

xoxoxoBruce 04-24-2015 11:36 AM

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Badass Bike...

Gravdigr 04-24-2015 03:25 PM

Russ Collins built several wild-ass bikes. Most of them multi-engined.

Gravdigr 05-04-2015 03:58 AM

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Attachment 51381

BigV 05-04-2015 02:02 PM

Nice Motor Device
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1976 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Doppelkabine UTE


Yes, this lovely little thing makes it two Mercedes-Benz in a row to be featured here, but I'm sure you'd agree that our latest features couldn't be less alike. There will be no talk here of luxury, speed records, or in fact any performance figures at all - the Unimog is simply a wonderful little automotive character that deserved a spot on these pages. Strange name, "Unimog". Well, it's actually an acronym of "Universal Motor Gerat" (Gerat being German for machine or device) which goes a long way to explaining the purpose of the vehicle. The Unimog was a range of cars that was simply built to give people a vehicle that could "get things done".

Mercedes-Benz started designed the Unimog shortly after World War II, and had it penned to be an all-around agricultural workhorse. Note the fitting for the power take-off or "PTO" on the front of the car. This fitment was essentially a sort of drive shaft (driven by energy directly from the engine) that could be connected to any number of separate machinery for use in the field. This was the key to these cars - they were basically designed to be a self-propelled power source for various tools that were to be used in a variety of locations. Think tools for harvesting crops, saws for clearing out scrub from forest trails, hardware for plowing snow, winches for hauling other drivers out of ditches - you get the idea. This may be an odd analogy but I would liken it to a kitchen mixer, where you attach various different tools to the main drive shaft for different applications.

It didn't end there of course, as people imagined all sorts of ways to use these terrific utility vehicles (my Australian upbringing is showing through in the title, apologies if that's a new term for people but that's what "ute" stands for). Around 30 nations have chosen the Unimog for use as part of their armed forces, and countless towns use them in Europe for municipal duty (fire departments, remote maintenance vehicles, and emergency rescue). Not to forget the aforementioned trick of essentially being a portable generator for many other useful machinery in the field.

Not only is this particular one absolutely cherry, the whole idea of the layout, the brute functionality, the combination of useable space and the lack of unnecessary overhangs appeals strongly to me. There's one similar in my neighborhood, it's not the short bed, four door unit, more like a pickup style with a canvas cover over the bed. It's very cool looking. It looks so functional, so useable. And it looks like I'd fit inside as well! at least I'd like to try. Want.
Attachment 51396

xoxoxoBruce 05-04-2015 02:26 PM

So an acquaintance takes him truck to Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas to have a catalytic converter replaced.
When he gets it back he can hear an exhaust leak, so he tells his son to take the truck back to Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas.
Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas tell him there's nothing wrong.
He sends his son back to Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas a second time, insisting he can hear a leak.
Again Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas swears there is no leak.

Fed up with Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas, he takes it to a second shop that is not Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas. They put it on the lift and show him this work done by Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas.

Even with all this unnecessary butchery, they still didn't weld the new cat all the way around so it does leak.
The response from Meineke #2504 in Temple Texas so far is, that guy doesn't work here anymore. :mad:

BigV 05-04-2015 02:40 PM

fucking ouch.

xoxoxoBruce 05-04-2015 07:55 PM

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With a real HEMI, you get a sticker.

Gravdigr 05-07-2015 02:30 PM

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Anybody have a clue what kinda glass-roofed, double-sliding-side-door, stubby-assed teensy van this thing is?

Attachment 51432

Screenshot from "Backstrom", btw.

glatt 05-07-2015 02:49 PM

I saw that episode too! Or part of it. That scene anyway. What a freaky looking "van" that thing is.

glatt 05-07-2015 02:57 PM

My Google-fu says it's the Subaru Sambar Dias II (5th generation Sambar)

Gravdigr 05-07-2015 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by glatt (Post 927840)
What a freaky looking "van" that thing is.

Yeah, it's, uh--unique. Like a rolling cubicle.

Thanks, I've let my Google-fu muscles atrophy, lately.

BigV 05-07-2015 07:34 PM

I think it's awesome. I'd love to have one, or one of the pickup truck style kei class trucks. It'd be like a pet.

Gravdigr 05-08-2015 11:10 AM

Hey man, I drove an original Ford Fiesta, and a Yugo, so, I could get by with one of those.

But, it'd have to be painted like the A-Team van, or the Mystery Machine.

glatt 05-08-2015 02:50 PM

All the pictures I could find have it as right hand drive.

I wonder if you can get it with the steering wheel on the left?

Of course, it's so small, it doesn't matter much. Kind of like how a motorcycle having the steering in the middle works just fine.

The engine is in the bumper.

BigV 05-08-2015 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by Gravdigr (Post 927940)
Hey man, I drove an original Ford Fiesta, and a Yugo, so, I could get by with one of those.

But, it'd have to be painted like the A-Team van, or the Mystery Machine.

*THAT* would be cool as hell. The Mystery Machine... heh.. I saw Velma at SakuraCon this year, we were both in the costume repair room at the same time. She looked great. I don't see you as Velma though. You're more... Shaggy. :)

xoxoxoBruce 05-08-2015 04:55 PM

Doesn't matter where the steering wheel is, on the playground merry-go-round.

Gravdigr 05-09-2015 02:46 PM

Per the salesman in the vid Glatt posted:


It has tons and tons of space, especially on the inside.

Of course, it has the same amount of space on the outside as every other vehicle, so, that's not a selling point, I guess.:D

BigV 05-14-2015 01:31 PM

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Slammed '53 in my neighborhood. Very fucking stylin'.

Attachment 51542

Gravdigr 05-14-2015 02:14 PM


Gravdigr 05-14-2015 03:26 PM

Listen to the Camaro driver right before the video ends:


I'm selling this fucking car.

Pamela 05-16-2015 10:10 PM

OH me oh my

Gotta love rednecks!

xoxoxoBruce 05-16-2015 10:12 PM

Well at least get the hell out of their way. :eek:

Gravdigr 05-18-2015 09:20 AM

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Tell me this ain't real:

Attachment 51668

Oh, it's real.

And it's for sale.

xoxoxoBruce 05-18-2015 09:28 AM

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Why not?

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