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Gravdigr 02-07-2014 09:42 AM

from YahooAutos

Gravdigr 02-08-2014 12:44 PM

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From the America's Most Beautiful Roadster Show:

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Now, that's gangsta!

Griff 02-08-2014 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by Gravdigr (Post 892114)
from YahooAutos

Cools! Anyone else spot the Corvair in there?

xoxoxoBruce 02-08-2014 11:17 PM

No. :confused:

Griff 02-09-2014 08:10 AM

That's because I was wrong. I click too quick.

Gravdigr 02-14-2014 03:34 PM

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Now what idjit parks his Ferrari under a tree?

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My second car was a 74 LeMans, aside from the NACA-style vents in the hood, and, the louvers on the rear side windows, it was just like this 73 (?) GTO.

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Gravdigr 02-24-2014 07:12 PM

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Meet the Truck Smoking the New Ford F-150 in Efficiency Gains (<---Motley Fool link)

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Key word here is gains.

Gravdigr 02-25-2014 04:11 PM

For comparison, the typical semi averages less than 6 mpg. (I think.)

xoxoxoBruce 02-26-2014 11:39 AM

I heard the aluminum Ford has been killed.

Gravdigr 02-26-2014 03:13 PM

No shit? I thought they were already re-tooling some of the stamping ops?

xoxoxoBruce 02-26-2014 04:51 PM

I heard that, plus they were offering to pay up to $10 grand to help dealers and some big bodyshops tool up and train for aluminum. Then last night I came across a blurb on some site that says they backed down, but for the life of me I can't remember where. Nor can I verify it's true.

Aluminum is great, light weight, won't rust, blah, blah, blah.
BUT that means when the truck eventually ends up in the junkyard from an accident or old age, the aluminum parts are too valuable as scrap to let them languish in the yard till somebody needs one.

So you'll have to be on the spot, and generally when I need a part from the yard, they scrapped the load of them the day before, so on the spot is out. That leaves new parts from Ford and that's big bucks to keep an old truck running.

They haven't said a lot about rust prevention but touting a 700 lb weight reduction, better mileage, green green green. Yeah well you could save 700 lbs or more by not building pickups the size of the fucking Titanic.

There is a legitimate purpose for the big F-350, F-450, F-550, F-650, Super Duty, Dually, Diesels, with GVWR of up to 37,000 lbs. But it sure ain't for taking the kids to school or towing you 1500 lb boat.

Even the F-250, which are like fleas on a dog, four door, long wheelbase is 172 inches. That's over 14 feet between axles. Plus the damn things easily go more than $50,000 all duded up. For $50 grand you could buy a nice new car that would do the car stuff and a pickup the size that was common in the 70's and 80's which will do all the truck stuff you need.

So switching to aluminum to save 700 lbs, is a joke. It's driving the ownership cost up, and It's make more money while trying to squeak the Titanic by the CAFE standards. It's not entirely Ford's fault as they are responding to market demands. Bullshit, demands they created with hard sell.

Gravdigr 03-04-2014 03:52 PM

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Wal-Mart's new concept truck.

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Wait -- Wal-Mart makes trucks?!

Steering wheel says Peterbilt. Just sayin'.

Gravdigr 03-12-2014 05:43 PM

If anyone has 15,000 lying around in the way, I have a birthday coming up in June...

Currently for sale on eBay, by the guy's wife -- 2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster - Supercharged - Intercooled - 299 rear-wheel horsepower - 250 ft/lbs torque

The auction description is an entertaining read:


The selfish git has spent several kitchens turning this into an overpowered drag sofa.

Gravdigr 03-23-2014 03:14 PM

Dear Big Sarge:
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If ya gonna play, get the big 'un.

Some eye candy on the door, some shark teeth, some super singles, and you're good to go.

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Gravdigr 03-29-2014 05:21 PM

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from AutoBlog


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