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CzinZumerzet 03-14-2007 07:25 AM

Caramba...and St James Park Ola!

monster 03-14-2007 11:45 PM

Fools! bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.........

Mornington Crescent.


BigV 03-15-2007 12:16 AM


I finally got to post in this thread!!! I'm so happy!

CzinZumerzet 03-15-2007 06:04 AM

I don't believe it, I simply don't believe it!

Fab move Mon utterly and Absolutely Fabulous. Well done you.:)

Bags I start the new one.


monster 03-19-2007 08:29 PM

sorry, just needed a little R&R after that exciting coup-de-grace.

Time to up the ante: Embankment.

monster 03-22-2007 09:35 PM

So I'm thinking you must all want to see me playing with myself? this ain't an image thread, you know....

limey 03-23-2007 06:06 AM

Canary Wharf, just because I like to see you squirm!

monster 03-23-2007 09:04 PM

Oooh, sneaky, but begs Blackwall

CzinZumerzet 03-24-2007 11:35 AM

Whitechapel, and clocks Spring forward tonight, another hour lost forever:neutral:

monster 03-24-2007 07:48 PM

Ours went forward a couple of week ago. :rolleyes: North Greenwich, of course.......

CzinZumerzet 03-25-2007 09:54 AM

Stratford, and I'm missing that hour already:zzz:

monster 04-01-2007 08:03 PM


CzinZumerzet 04-02-2007 11:03 AM


ogwen69 04-26-2007 11:09 AM

Ha! Kings Cross.

monster 04-26-2007 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by ogwen69 (Post 337725)
Ha! Kings Cross.

I'm thinking there must have been flooding on the line and you had to lie on the roof and paddle? Quicker to leave the train behind and swim, I would have thought.... :p


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