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CzinZumerzet 04-28-2007 05:18 AM

No earthquake here in the west, imagine being in Baker Street when the earth shook...:eek:

monster 08-02-2007 08:46 PM

And the Snoozing Fare-Dodger move gets me to....

Mornington Cresent.


limey 08-03-2007 01:03 PM


Uisge Beatha 08-03-2007 01:21 PM

Good show, monster - I never saw it coming!

Rexmons 08-03-2007 01:59 PM


Flint 08-03-2007 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by Sir Paul
The long and winding road that leads to your door,
Will never disappear,
I've seen that road before. It always leads me here,
leads me to your door.

Sundae 04-26-2008 04:44 PM

Another bump in case people missed the other thread I bumped.
Humphrey Lyttleton (host of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue - the Radio 4 show that featured the Mornington Crescent Game) died yesterday aged 86, following heart surgery.

I'm in Mournington.

SteveDallas 04-26-2008 08:55 PM

Oh no :(

There must be something wrong my my reception of the ISIHAC mailng list.. nothing came through about it.

monster 03-19-2013 05:50 AM

We all nee-eed thread resurrection......


DanaC 03-19-2013 06:08 AM

Oh. Interesting move. I'm going to have to ponder that one.

[eta] Oh hang on.., would Leytonstone be a legal move from there?

monster 03-19-2013 06:15 AM

Can't see a legal problem with it. Not a move i would have made, though.


DanaC 03-19-2013 06:18 AM

Oh bugger, I walked right into that one.

DanaC 03-19-2013 06:19 AM

Let's go old school: Sloane Square

monster 03-19-2013 06:52 AM

Don't you have some papers to mark or something?




limey 03-19-2013 09:48 AM

Invoking Rule 43 of the Edingstone Convention handbook, 3rd edition (revised 1987), I say Kennington.

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