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Re Lumberjim's post - I have not been able to find a specific PTSD forum and don't even know how to find one (my google skills have gone out the window too).

I have had discussions with people on some Facebook pages but they have been US dominated, and the treatment available there is quite different to Australia.

I have not had a brain scan, but there has been no doubt for any of the medical/science people I've talked to, that I do have PTSD, based on the physical as well as psychological symptoms. But what I have been able to read about it makes sense of what I'm experiencing.

My sense of smell is not noticably different, but my sense of taste is. E.g. I never liked beer before this. I used to like a wide variety of global food but now prefer bland foods.

A startling change was my ability to tolerate extreme temperatures. I used to struggle with anything over about 32C, or below zeroC. I flew from a hot Australian summer (no problems - literally no sweat) to northern Sweden in winter (-30C) and also had no issues. I refused to wear a hat (needed to hear who was around me) and had no problems. Then I flew to northern Thailand (around 40C and extremely humid) and again, no problems, no sweat, and I often left the aircon turned off in my room. It was the strangest thing.
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