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We would sometimes get a mountain wave condition, where the entire atmosphere would rise over the Sierras as the wind blew in from the west. Lenticular clouds would form in the wave, probably the most texbook examples of such clouds you can see in the lower 48. When those clouds would catch the alpenglow at dusk, the sky would be a deep blue or almost black and the clouds would be deep red with such intense detail they'd look solid, like you could climb them. They were unlike anything I've seen anywhere else, massive and directly overhead. They weren't that rare. I would sometimes stand on my back porch and stare up at them until all light faded. Even in the last gray light, they looked amazing.

For skiing in Tahoe, I'd recommend Alpine Meadows, hands down. Better terrain than Squaw, and none of the attitude. If you have a little time to drive, Kirkwood is best of all (IMO).
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