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"except where it's science"

Yeah, the same 'science' that one year declares coffee a carcinogen and the next, not a carcinogen.

Dietary Science ranks right down there with Meteorology: Witchdoctory.

Fuck your 'science'.


"food lunacy"


-A couple I know (both fat) spend HOURS talking about restaurants and what those restaurants serve...lunacy!

-Most folks, it seems, would rather sprinkle some diet powder on their food (so as to keep eating in excess) instead of cutting back a little and moving more...lunacy!

-Bookstores carry tomes about 'how' to eat (like how the order of eating starches, proteins, etc. can lead to weight loss)...folks buy this tripe instead of eating just a little less and moving a little more...lunacy!

-Folks will spend THOUSANDS of dollars to have the size of the stomach halved or quartered through surgery instead of eating a little less and moving a little more...lunacy!

-Folks (women in particular) allow themselves to be convinced those folks on TV, in the movies, and in magazines are THE standards to meet (thinner is better = play my ribs like a xylophone)...such hooey leads to disorder, surgery, tripe science, shortcuts...lunacy!

I say...

EAT and DRINK when you're hungry and thirsty.

EAT and DRINK exactly what you want to, and exactly how much you want to.

When you're not hungry: DON'T EAT.

If your ass is fat, then get up off of it and MOVE (away from the fridge).

If you spend any time at worrying about whether that chicken is 'free range' or 'slaughterhouse' then you -- Madam or Sir -- are a fuckin' LOON.

"But, Henry, the chemicals! The hormones! The inhumane conditions!"


I'm 50, I eat crap, and -- except for my yearly bout of lower back pain (in the midst of it NOW!) -- I'm scrawny, fit, and overflowing with zest/energy/power/etc.

My blood may be toxic (it glows and reeks when I bleed) but I'm happily alive and capable of all manner of physicality (I have to be...the six year old demands I keep up, so I keep up).

My advice: toss the library of food and exercise books; eat a little less (eat one cookie instead of two) and move a little more (sumthin' involving the whole body, like tree climbing)...or, do what you've been doin'...

'nuff said.
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