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This post has absolutely nothing to do with the recent Australian elections.
I just thought the title seemed appropriate, and maybe Ausi Dwellars would be interested.

There is a video in this link that gives more history than is in the text.

Whistleblower Nun Is Australia's First Saint

Also known as Mother Mary of the Cross, she is one of the few saints in Church history who were excommunicated and later rehabilitated.
She founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart in 1867 - Australia's first religious order - to help the poor and educate their children
Independent-minded, MacKillop regularly clashed with the church's male hierarchy.
The tensions led to her excommunication - the Catholic Church's harshest penalty,
which denies the sacraments to a person - in 1871. The order was later lifted.

Documents recently uncovered in Australia showed MacKillop was banished from the Church
in part because her order exposed a paedophile priest.

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