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This showed up in my mail today, Jr High boys doing a gymnastics show.
This was posed for the paper not part of the show, that consisted of various tumbling and balance routines plus some tableaus.
I wasn't asked to be in the show, I figure the coach worried my great athletic prowess would discourage the others.
I was over at the side of the stage with butch wax and a tie, describing the action to the enthralled masses.
We took the show on the road to the Soldiers Home over on rte 5.
The vets were so excited about my presentation they were chain smoking.
Eight men to a table and an ashtray the size of a toilet in the middle of the table with half the discarded butts still smoldering.
Missed a great chance to do a Hawaiian theme with smoking volcano and shit.
I heard today that Home hospital is being investigated because of a number of Kung Flu deaths.
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