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the thing is, like.... okay, i dont trust doctors, either. but i dont trust doctors because they're people, and people who tend to end up in positions of relative power in their patients lives, and far too many doctors would rather make a buck, or feel powerful, or whatever. not saying every doctor, but we've all known doctors like that.

i also don't trust the pharmacology industry. but i don't trust the pharmacology industry because its an industry, a capitalistic one, out to make a profit. I dont trust them because they're willing to lie to sell their product, at the cost of people's lives. just look at the sacklers.

but that doesnt mean there's some grand conspiracy. It just means that the incentives in our system do not reward honesty. that also doesn't mean its all fake - a lot of this stuff, the actual science, is really damn hard to fake. and it especially doesnt mean that the real answer is to believe some quack who just wants to sell you bleach (or supplements, or iocaine powder, or grapeseed oil, or homeopathics, or) and steal your money.

"there are too many people in the for-profit medical system who have incentives to mislead and mistreat" does not have to mean "so there's some big grand conspiracy to lie to the world about medicine so you should do like me, eschew all health care, and let con artists sell you snake oil".... it means "be careful who you believe, always ask yourself what they're selling, and advocate for a system where your care comes before profit"
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