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I saw a website of a pharmaceutical group where the listed half a dozen pretty specific symptoms and asked doctors to decide what they thought the cause was. For every set of symptoms there were thousands of doctors and many diseases guessed. There may some diseases some doctors aren't up on but it seemed to me it was a matter of so many things develop the same symptoms early on it's a crap shoot, a best guess if you want to treat it early. A good doctor knows what's going on in the neighborhood with infectious diseases, the patients history, and patients other conditions that may trigger or even hide symptoms.

For that 10 years of training plus accumulated experience they are underpaid, so are nurses. You hear about some top surgeon making a fortune especially plastic surgeons, but the rank and file MD is lucky to crack $150K. I wonder why offers of kickbacks on prescriptions and paid conferences in exotic locations is attractive.

The star of the show is the anesthesiologist, king of the OR. If the surgeon accidentally fucks up, ooops, sew it up. If the king fucks up, your dead, gone, no replay, that's why they average a half a million a year, and pay horrendous insurance rates.

But that doesn't concern you when you can get a complete medical education from Google in 10 minutes.
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