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Originally Posted by BigV View Post
Hey... let's put the car in park, shall we?

I'm not mad at you. I want to help you, just as you clearly want to help us.

If I may speak plainly, you're not fitting in here, your communication style is not connecting to the people you're talking to. We're real people, just like you are. I'll tell ya, most of the people here are of a mind to accept someone's information at face value, but expect it to withstand scrutiny. That scrutiny comes in the form of providing citations from mutually respected sources. Much of the resistance you've encountered so far has been because of two main reasons.

1 -- Your starting points are wildly different than what most of us believe, like your clearly stated hostility to mask wearing. With that as your opener, you've started off significantly negative. Big mistake in your efforts to wind hearts and minds.

2 -- You have not shown your work, so to speak. Offered citations that support the emphatic claims you're making. Until then, *at best*, your posts will be regarded as opinions, amusing and uniformed or misinformed, depending. Cheerleading, sure. Persuasive, uh, no. The (unintentional) start of a flame war, maybe.

Maybe you aren't trying to persuade anyone, you just want to talk (and talk and talk) about your xyz. That's cool. Prolly not gonna get a lot of likes tho.

Anyhow, it's just a thought.

How do I show my work, so to speak????Please tell want me to do a youtube on my life, not gonna happen. That would be a HUGE video, 82 yrs of life. So much nonsense here.
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