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Originally Posted by DucksNuts View Post
Jellybean shoes?? They were HUGE here.

Bit like those bloody crocs
I wasn't allowed jellybeans - we ordered all our clothes from the summer catalogue about 5 months before it got warm and there was no room for fashionable shoes by the time summer came around. I coveted the next door neighbour's pink jellies in direct contradiction of the 10 comandments.

But I loooooved my Crocs. Yes, my feet sweated in them, but my feet sweat in every shoe. I only gave up in them when months later I walked a hole in them.

In fact I've just accepted I have to throw away another pair of "normal" shoes because the inside has been eaten by my toxic feet way before the pavement could destroy the outside. They were quite cheap soft-soled ones anyway - but I have replaced them with a pair of real shoes! Leather, black, by Next, at least 30 new - from the charity shop for 3.49, so I won't get wrinkly toes next time it rains
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