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no, but it is the same game. tw's version goes like this:

poster: tw i think your analysis of XYZ may be faulty in that...

TW: well, big dic, george jr, mental midget, 7 minutes, top management, mba's, as previously shown.

that is his schtick.

Raging guys is:

Poster: Rage I disagree and I think...

Rage: I don't care what you think, something shiny, stalker, scumbag christians, and if you didn't already know i've seen everything but the wind and done everything but die.

that is his, but it is really just a different version of the same game. the difference is that tw actually does bring value in that he does research the hell out of things and does bring some indepth analysis to the table. Rage just links in articles and reminds you that he doesn'tcare what you think.
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