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Originally Posted by infinite monkey View Post
Small college, about 2500 students at the time.
My college was similar. It had possibly the most beautiful campus of all the colleges I visited. Lots of old stone buildings and large greens in between them. Situated on top of a hill overlooking the eastern end of Long Island Sound. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods owned by the college.

I had a roommate freshman year, but from sophomore year on, everyone had a single room. They were small rooms, but they were your own. Senior year, I got to live in the foreign language dorm, because I was a German major. It was the nicest dorm on campus with pretty big rooms for singles, and it was a nice old building with thick walls and a window sill about two feet deep that I always sat on. I could poke my head out the window and see out into the Sound in the distance. I think I did that once.

The dorm in the very center of this picture was where I lived senior year, and the dorm closest to the camera was where I spent my junior year.
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