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Onion & Bacon Pie

Not blogging, but took a couple of pictures yesterday lunchtime and thought I'd share with the bacon loving community

It's the time of year when we traditionally eat Zwiebelkuchen (literally "onion cake"), preferably with a glass or two of Federweisser (grape juice that has just started fermenting).

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Alternatively white wine will do.

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In short: make some yeast dough from approx. 300g flour. While it rises fry some 50-100g chopped bacon set it aside. Sweat/sauté 500-1000g of chopped & salted onions and let them cool. Mix onions with fried bacon, pepper, 2-4 eggs & 200-300ml cream. Spread the dough into a springform pan & add onion mix, sprinkle with more bacon and optionally caraway seeds. Bake at approx. 180°C for about 30 minutes.
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