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A confession

I have been reading this, but I think most of you are a bunch of windbags typing to hear yourself talk. This is MY LIFE you're tinkering around with. Just because I haven't lived it like YOUR life...all of you, escaping your realities by hanging around with other windbags...doesn't mean my life choices are wrong.

He thinks about ME, not about some guy. He has made choices, choices that required the courage to walk away from all the stuff that was wrong in his life and come into what he considered right, whether or not you windbags think it is.

When someone gets cancer, do you people immediately condemn him to death? No -- at least I hope not. You tell him to fight on, to face the problems, go head on, and do battle. And yet here is something this man considers to be that bad, that troubling, and you just tell him to give up.

We have fought a long hard struggle, and we love each other very much. D is happy: happier than he ever was out in the gay lifestyle. He has not acclimated to having sex with a woman, but he spent longer than most making other choices. There is as much evidence to support the fact that people can live straight as gay, but you all ignore that. I suppose when a child is born bad--and they all are born bad -- you don't bother to help them correct it, you just let him do what he wants to do.

All my tirading to say this: This is my life you're tinkering around with here. How about accepting the fact that just because we don't live YOUR way doesn't mean our way isn't okay?


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