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Originally Posted by lookout123 View Post
Actually, I'm not angry, depressed, or down. Disappointed, yes. Did I happen to catch your attention because I dared to type out that I, you, and most of the participants have been assholes? Then good.
Well, this thread depressed ME. You happened to catch my attention because I saw your user name - something that hasn't happened in ages.

Originally Posted by Lookout
Now put it in context. Have you, SamIam, been an asshole?
LOL! What a question! As you very well know, I can be a real bitch at times. I'm working on that, but sometimes my inner bitch still demands to escape and run free. What's a girl to do?

Originally Posted by lookout123 View Post
I don't know. Have you, SamIam, been a part of the community that seems to have moved on from being a community of wildly different philosophies, lifestyles, politics, communication styles, economic brackets, and any other demographic category imaginable to become something less? Yes? Then SamIam and Lookout should feel some measure of shame.
What's the point of asking me a question when you've decided you already know the answer? You haven't gone back and read any posts, but you've decided that I (and you) failed some Cellar litmus test and must now go around hanging our heads in shame. You're certainly free to do as please, feel all the shame you want, but ddon't try to unload all your nuggets of coal on me.

I've learned quite a few things on the Cellar, and these days I try to post stuff that may be interesting or comforting or whatever in return.

If your plan is to come back here and be as mean as you've been in your two posts here, then you'll get what you give. Excuse me for not meeting your standards.
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