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Umm ... yeah.
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From Ole Miss:
If you don't own property, you don't get to vote on any bond issue that will raise property taxes.
      Since, as you point out, it does affect them, why shouldn't they vote?

      Hi Radar! How ya been?
From Radar:
Sure, it's nice to see clubs, bowling leagues, etc. But a group of individuals has no more rights than a single individual whether they call themselves a club, a town, a city, a county, a state, or a federal government.
      Quick clarification here, they have the rights of a groups worth of votes, as in each individal can combine his rights with others to greater effect. For instance the "Free State" plan you guys had. It used numbers to get what you wanted, as individuals. Which is fine. I don't think you were suggesting otherwise here, it just read funny.
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