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Some idiot named Henry George who falsely claimed to be a classic liberal decided to make up an ignorant and backward philosophy for theives who want to reach into your pocket to steal from you while they accuse you of being a theif. It's a slap in the face of anyone who believes in true freedom, it amounts to force, it's totally un-libertarian and against the most basic premise in classic liberalism of the non-initiation of force. They draw a false and imaginary line between property created in nature and that created by the labor of mankind as though the ownership of these types of property were somehow different.

Here's a more articulate description from another author...

Georgists, who take their name from Henry George, a nineteenth century physiocrat, believe that the ownership or use of land should be taxed. Most of them reject all other forms of taxation, so they are also known as Single Taxers. They do not believe that buildings or other improvements added by the landholder should be taxed only the "unimproved" land.

There are many versions of Georgism, ranging from rhetorical formulations barely distinguishable from communism, to voluntary market-based arrangements sometimes described as geo-libertarian. It is difficult to get a clear picture of Georgist doctrine, because its apologists tend to slide illegitimately from one version to another logically incompatible one, according to the exigencies of the argument. We may charitably assume that this is because they often lack a sufficiently precise or coherent understanding of their own beliefs and proposals. Readers who seek to debate with Georgists should beware of this propensity (a very human failing which Georgists are by no means alone in falling prey to).

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