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one does have the right to breathe
Under what principle? - spell it out exactly...

And nobody owns the air we breathe. I didn't say "everybody owns the air we breathe" I said NOBODY owns it. People do own air though and airspace.
How do you say "contradiction"?

There are no "commons". Other than the idiots who think socialism is a good idea, the vast majority of the world knows that PRIVATE ownership represents freedom while "common ownership" represents oppression, always has and always will.
excuse me there Mr. Radar but I am infact arguing that we SHOULD assign ownership rights to air. Since you can't divide it up and since it is none transferable (can't live without) I am going to make the OUTRAGEOUSLY socialistic statement that individuals (not corporations) all own it equally in common with equal access shares.

So which side are you on?...w/the commies - no ownership rights where everyone is free to use it as a dump!

or the classical liberals?

You take what you can breathe and that's it
well who is enforcing that rule?

And for the record pollution isn't taking someone's right to "air in it's unaltered state". It is trespassing, just like when you walk onto someone else's land because you think it belongs to everyone.
for the record can you tell me exactly who I am to sue for tresspassing when someone's pollution in the air that my son breathes causes him to get asthma?

and can you cite one court case that similiarly shows the successful prosecution of a tresspassing case involving air pollution? This is a lot of hot air - and the reason why they are getting away with it is exactly because we have not asserted our common access rights to air!

By assigning individual, inalienable, equal access rights to air we can demand equal compensation from polluters for over using the commons. This is a much philosophically consistent position and workable solution to pollution then after the fact legal adjudication...

The Sky Trust
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