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From elsewhere:
Originally Posted by jaminhealth
Richards is saying what MANY others I subscribe to are saying, shutting down the whole country was wrong wrong wrong....

And your fearless leader has banned me from posting ... so I send you this from whatever it's worth.

And on the health issue, I may or may not send a note-- I really don't need to defend my actions for the last 30 yrs and my good health.

Closed minds abound on this forum.
When did Trump censor you?

Even people who smoke cigarettes for 30 years still have good health. That proves smoking cigarettes increases health - using your reasoning?

Richards is preaching logic also used by a Playboy centerfold with big tits to prove vaccines create autism. She had big tits. That proved she must be right?

An honest person would have, for example, explained why facts contradict those lies. Why did an analysis of health food products on shelves reveal that 90% did not even contain what was on the label?

Why would anyone ignore facts (not even reply here) to keep posting emotionally inspired beliefs? Cherry picking. Another fact that explains brainwashing. Ignore all facts that contradict what the Central Committee order one to believe. Propaganda works when an adult thinks like a child. When an adult does not post facts that say why. And repeatedly ignore facts that expose Trump style lies.

We all learned how to think like an adult even in elementary school science. One saw mosquito larvae in standing water. That observation proved that standing water creates life. Any conclusion from an observation (without any underlying facts) is classic junk science. Same reasoning also proved that Saddam had WMDs. Resulting in the massacre of 5,000 American soldiers for no purpose.

Last winter resulted in two extremely cold days. Somehow that proves that global warming does not exist?

I ran 99 stop signs. And never killed anyone. That proves everyone can safely run stop signs?

You consumed crushed up flower pedals in pills in a bottle labeled Vit D. That proves Vit D protects from Covid-19?

Examples of logic that makes one wonder how bad your nutrition really is. Apparently a logical brain of an adult has been subverted by the reptilian brain - where children makes decisions from their emotions.

How many more examples of junk science need be posted? When will we learn why "90% of contents on health food store shelves" need not contain what was listed on its label? Still waiting for you to address that damning fact.

Apparently those shelves contain much Kool-Aid. Ignored again is what was taught in elementary school science.

An adult with sufficient nutrition would have explained that damning fact long ago when posted. Brainwashed (ie victims of poor nutrition) will "cherry pick" to protect an emotional belief.

Do you know what "cherry picking" is? Apparently not. So that paragraph was also ignored. Why are facts from a PBS science show "Hacking the Mind" also ignored? It demonstrates how easily one can be brainwashed. One might learn how easily one can be manipulated by health food garbage. Apparently that is emotionally too hurtful to comprehend? And yes, some of those health food tablets were only crushed flower pedals.

Damning and ignored facts. Please address them.
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