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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
I asked her not to return, there is no longer a need to address her
Why is open discussion undesirable?

Those posts accurately demonstrate how easily many can be brainwashed. A lesson that is logical and should not make anyone emotional (angry).

Those posts demonstrate a point I constantly make. Demonstrates a difference between an 'adult thinking like an adult' verses an 'adult who still thinks emotionally like a child'.

Those posts clearly demonstrate how one becomes brainwashed. And even (must) deny it. A lesson that others still do not understand. And then end up planting seeds of anarchy by becoming angry.

Was jaminhealth banned for simply becoming a poster child for how some people are easily brainwashed? If those posts made anyone emotional (angry), then those posts can remain on their ignore list.

Those posts should never make an adult, who is an adult, angry. Those posts did not attack any person. But even more necessary, demonstrate even how Russian hackers so easily manipulate many if not most Americans.

And demonstrate a difference between honest reasoning and junk science.

Urbane Guerrilla openly disparages people. jaminhealth did not. Why a double standard?
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