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Who are They

Who are they, the opposition, the Alt Right?

There's the Religious extremists, and the NRA lifers, and the Nazi/Racists, and the Greedy who want to screw others without hindering rules.

And these clowns...

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But I've been reading some blogs that lean a little right and the comments by readers show another Trumpian.

How many times have I seen a president fail to do what needs done, all the while pretending that adherence to the perceived "proper ways" of behaving , always being ever so diplomatic and tactful were more important than accomplishing what America needs? AS for bullying,, I remember the moment, sadly not who said it, but as the vote for Nafta was oming closer I saw someone on TV tell us
"Yes, we know Nafta is unpopular. We know the american people dont want it, BUt we are gonna pass it. Youll thank us later." I watched that in a state of shock.. Usually when they passed a law back then they acted as if they had no idea what the People wanted.. and then, after they took some abuse for it, went right back to DC and didnt UNDO what they did..
I'll Take this bullying, blackmailing President and gratefully call him mine.
This guy is unaware or disregards all the backroom wheeling and dealing going on behind the diplomatic and tactful behavior.
He has a hardon for congress and thinks Trump is the answer.
The precious constitution he justifies his actions with explains Congress makes the laws, period.
The descent of man ~ Nixon, Friedman, Reagan, Trump.
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