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Originally Posted by sexobon View Post
We'd like to be reasonably sure that people like him don't get into the US by posing as refugees in Syria. A fake family and credentials are easy to assemble and manufacture respectively.
Hundreds of felons are killing Americans in greater numbers every week. But wacko extremists fear the rare terrorist. Even when immigrants are already sufficiently vetted.

Not good enough for extremists brainwashed by rhetoric. We must ban them all. Resulting emotion and hate says Mexicans, Syrians, and Belgium are trying to kill us all. Why did he not also include evil Canadians? His handlers have not yet told him to hate Canadians.

Easier is to brainwash a poorly educated extremist into hating Syrians. America needs immigrants. Immigrants tend to become educated and productive American - therefore become moderates. Extremists hate that.

Simply grab his pee-pee (metaphorically). Then an extremist unleashes a torrent of insults. Another successful experiment. It would be comical if it was not so sad.

An adult who is still a child is that easily identified. Unfortunately these same poorly educated people are also easily brainwash to promote hate - of mythical threats and not existing serious ones.

An adult who is still a child even fears to look under his bed. He might find a terrorist hiding there. Of course that bogey monster will be a Syrian.
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