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Originally Posted by sexobon View Post
Run of the mill felons don't paralyze major cities; or, entire countries. Terrorists do. That's why they're called terrorist and not just criminals. .
Moderates are not threatened by terrorists. An extremist here is so emotional as to fear Syrians ... and Mexicans, and Belgiums, and all Muslims. No wonder extremists knew Saddam had WMDs. Moderates don't promote hate of immigrants. An extremist so fears terrorists as to even not look under his bed. We might learn that his dust balls have Syrian passports.

Any dollar spent by Feds or states means massive increases in this nation's wealth and productivity. These immigrants are needed in all cities and states. Those who need to be told what to believe are fed rhetoric from extremist presidential candidates and 31 anti-American governors. Those politicians target emotional extremists. They know where brainwashing best works.

Terrorists target the amygdala of emotional extremists. Moderates use a pre-frontal cortex to know felons are a greater threat. Moderates know a greater threat exists in movie theaters - not in immigration lines. Rhetoric does not tell moderates what to fear. Syrian bogey men are not hiding under anyone's bed.

How many Muslim dust balls are hiding under sexobon's bed? Adult Americans welcome the tired, poor, and huddled Syrian masses yearning to breathe free. Only wacko extremists fear Syrians. Moderates know what is written on the Statue of Liberty.
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