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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
I think he deserved a detention for the class disruption, and he got a suspension instead, but that's a principal's prerogative.
What class disruption. An alarm on my watch goes off. A cell phone rings. That also requires detention for class disruption?

The whole thing exists because multiple adults were emotional multiple times. Every fact was ignored because adult were emotional. Then penalties increased because adult were even more emotional. So emotional as to refuse to admit how foolish and wrong they had been.

I have no problem penalizing the school system for hiring adults who repeatedly acted emotional like children. $15 million is excessive. But I would not be surprised if he got one year of free college tuition. These adults were so emotional (illogical) as to even make international news. Their school board should be reviewing other decisions by these employees for a pattern of emotionally justified decisions. If not, a lawsuit is clearly justified if the school board is also complicit - also acting emotionally.

They screwed up. Take responsibility for being so emotional. Instead they want to deny everything including their painfully obvious and repeated mistakes. If not, that is why lawsuits are necessary.

Clodfobble recommends taking the high road. Both are options. But little tolerance exists for adult who act like children. An adult would have openly admitted their mistake and apologized. Those adults who are still children could not even do that.

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