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Originally Posted by Happy Monkey
There was no hoax.
On that, we still disagree. I think at best the kid was an unknowing pawn in his father's game.

Originally Posted by Happy Monkey
Until it's more expensive to maintain a zero-tolerance policy, the policy will remain.
No, because even $15 million, even sought by every kid who faces even the slightest discrimination, will still never outstrip the financial liability of a cafeteria full of blown-up kids. In Newtown, Connecticut, various Sandy Hook Elementary victims and their families have sued the city, the gun manufacturer, the shooter's dead mother's insurance company, and, of course, the school. One lawyer of a kid who didn't even die sued the school for unspecified millions because someone in the office turned on the intercom as the gunman entered the building (presumably to warn the classrooms of what was coming,) and the child heard "violence" and other "disturbing sounds" over the speaker, which traumatized her.
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