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I once made a trip to Japan and (of course) learned many things.

My host was Chairman of Dept of Pediatrics at the University.
On the way to his home for dinner, he told me his entire family
had died in that bombing raid. I felt very uncomfortable.

He and his family lived in the family home which was old and much larger than most.
He said his father was also a physician and on the faculty of the same med school.
The house and gardens were truly spectacular ... classic old-school Japanese, with paper sliding doors, etc.
It was one of very few that survived that fire bombing completely in tact.

After dinner, he told me his parent's had lost all of their children in that same raid !
I said I did not understand. But it was quite simple.

During war time, people do what they have to do to survive.
His "parents" had adopted him, and he had taken the name of their oldest son.
He graduated med school, and thus was carrying on their son's name and their family traditions.

My wife and I were touched.

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